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What should be paid attention to when building a clean room?

Jun 20,2020 | Blog

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Cleanroom General Requirements

The general requirements for the construction materials are mainly the following: no dust, no dust, easy to clean, smooth and smooth surface with wear resistance, good insulation properties, not easy to generate static electricity, no moisture absorption, moisture permeability, sound absorption Good performance, etc. Wiskind, based on more than 40 years of production and construction experience, put forward the following precautions for the construction of clean rooms?

Color Steel Sandwich Cleanroom Panel

Cleanroom Wall System

1. General requirements

The requirements for the wall surface are: the surface is smooth and smooth, dust-free, avoid glare, easy to clean, reduce the uneven surface, and the corners are easily treated with arc materials or sealing materials.

2. Color Steel Sandwich Cleanroom Panel

The clean room is not easy to use masonry wall plastering walls, because even high-grade plastering walls, it is difficult to ensure that the overall surface of the wall is smooth and smooth, and it is difficult to deal with arc materials at the corners of the wall. In the construction and decoration of clean rooms, the color steel sandwich cleanroom panel is commonly used, which was larger than that used for the construction of "assembled clean rooms", and has been widely used in the construction of clean room walls and ceilings.

Cleanroom Wall System

Cleanroom Doors and Windows

Cleanroom doors and windows are an integral part of the enclosure structure. In addition to the airtightness requirements, it is also the same as the wall surface, which requires the surface to be smooth and dust-free. The glass of the double-glazed windows should be flush with the inner and outer walls respectively. When the single-glazed windows are made of metal beads, the metal beads should be rounded or have a certain slope to facilitate cleaning and it is not easy to set up windowsills.

The sealing materials of doors and windows include rubber strips, silicone rubber, sealants and single and double-sided pressure-sensitive adhesive strips.

The gaps between doors and windows are roughly divided into fixed gaps and movable gaps. Fixed gaps, such as fixed window gaps, are easier to handle, and "one-time-for-all" sealing materials can be used; movable gaps, such as the gap between door leaves and door frames, cannot be treated like fixed gaps, depending on the material, quality, frequency of opening, and whether or not There are thresholds, whether it is directly connected with the outside air, etc., comprehensive consideration is made from the aspects of door leaf, door frame, hardware materials, sealing strips and their mode of action, and corresponding design is made in advance.

Cleanroom Ceiling System

Cleanroom Ceiling System

1. General requirements

The ceiling requirements are basically the same as the wall surface: the surface is smooth and smooth, no dust, avoid glare, easy to clean, reduce the uneven surface, and the corners are easy to handle with arc materials or sealing materials.

2. Ceiling Cleanroom Panel

The panels used for the wall can be used for the ceiling, and at the same time, it can meet the construction personnel walking on the top and meet the national standards for bending capacity.

Cleanroom Sealing Caulking Material

1. General requirements

General requirements for sealing caulking materials: good sealing performance, certain elasticity, not easy to age, easy to coagulate, solidify, easy to construct, have certain adhesion, non-toxic, tasteless, color appearance and decoration coordinate, and use as much as possible One-component material. The sealant used in semiconductor factories should not affect the yield of products.

2. Main Sealant Types

1. Silicone rubber

Features: Rubber has a wide temperature range, good drug resistance and oil resistance, but it is not resistant to caustic alkali, and may sometimes be moldy.


Features: Polyurethane is characterized by high hardness, good elasticity, low temperature performance, oil and ozone resistance, but poor water resistance.


Features: The characteristics of rubber are elasticity, chemical resistance, water resistance, oil resistance and durability.

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