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Wiskind Clean Tech, Facilitate the big joint and big development of the localization of biopharmaceuticals

Nov 24,2021 | Industry Information

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Wiskind Clean Tech, Facilitate the big joint and big development of the localization of biopharmaceuticals

On the morning of October 28, 2021, the 2021 Dandelion First Annual Biological Products Conference and the inauguration ceremony of the Biopharmaceutical Localization Promotion Association (BLA) was held in Shanghai Zhonggeng Julong Hotel, with more than 1,000 biopharmaceutical companies participating.

The association has gathered leading experts in actual combat, biological product R&D and production enterprises, scientific research institutions, drug supervision and drug inspection, etc., to provide us with a high-quality exchange opportunity in the field of biopharmaceuticals, and help biopharmaceutical companies to successfully transform their industrialization.

It is understood that in 2021, China’s biopharmaceutical industry will only have an upstream consumables market of approximately RMB 12.7 billion, and it will reach RMB 26.5 billion in 2025, representing an annual growth rate of over 20%. This growth rate does not take into account the growth brought by the new crown vaccine. quantity. Undoubtedly, the localization of biopharmaceuticals is vast, and the localization of biopharmaceutical materials and equipment is a trend.

The Biopharmaceutical Localization Promotion Association (BLA) was announced in Shanghai. Together,Wiskindand Dandelion participated in the discussion of the rights and regulations of the BLA as a co-sponsor. BLA will rely on Dandelion (Yangtze River Delta) Shanghai public platform to operate, learn and share in-depth with many pharmaceutical companies, and hold a number of technical exchange meetings and industry seminars.

The localization of biopharmaceuticals is an exciting topic because it is a hot spot in the industry and has attracted much attention.

According to data from a certain platform, the mid-to-high-end biological reagents in Chinese scientific research institutions are heavily dependent on imports, and the cumulative transaction volume of imported brands accounts for up to 79%. What does this data show? Once the supply of biological raw material reagents is cut off, it will bring great risks to the development of China's life sciences, and the construction of localization is imminent.

With industrial upgrading, industry expansion, and demand expansion, the clean industry is ushering in a new period of development. As the most trusted company in the field of clean room enclosure systems,Wiskindhas the responsibility and obligation to help clean spaces and make them more beautiful.

Wiskind  Project case:

Product Case:

3S Bioinc (Shenyang City)

Product Application

  • Wall panel :Hand made panel- 50mm Thickness , Rockwool (core material : 120kg/m3)

  • Ceiling Panel: Hand made panel- 50mm Thickness , Rockwool +MGO plate (core material : 120kg/m3)

  • Air return Wall system

  • Endure panel For Frequently disinfected environment

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