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Wiskind Cleanroom Enclosure System Solution - Modular Integrated Corner System

Dec 11,2018 | Industry Information

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GMP, full name (GOOD MANUFACTURING PRACTICES), Chinese meaning is "production quality management norms" or "good practice specifications", "good manufacturing standards". GMP is a set of mandatory standards applicable to the pharmaceutical, food and other industries, requiring companies to Raw materials, personnel, facilities and equipment, production processes, packaging and transportation, quality control, etc., meet the sanitary quality requirements according to relevant national laws and regulations, and form a set of operational practices to help enterprises improve the corporate health environment and timely identify problems in the production process. Improve it.

For the clean room, Article 49 stipulates that the inner surface (cleanroom wall, cleanroom floor, cleanroom ceiling) of the clean area should be smooth and smooth, without cracks, the interface is tight, no particles fall off, avoid dust accumulation, easy to clean, and disinfect if necessary.

The common clean room is the connection between the cleanroom wall panel and the aluminum profile to form a closed clean room. However, due to the large thermal bridge of the common corner plate, it is easy to accumulate dust at the contact position between the aluminum profile and the plate. Moreover, it is not convenient for cleaning and disinfection. This is also the main reason for the easy collection of dust at the corners and louvers that are common in our lives.

In order to solve the industry problems, Wiskind has invented the integrated One Piece Cleanroom Corner Systems (has applied for national patent), L-shaped one piece cleanroom cornerT-shaped cleanroom cornerL-shaped cleanroom corner and T-shaped cleanroom corner composed of return air column.

By comparing with our patented product integrated corner panel, we can find that by making the plate into an integral corner plate, the corner position can be smooth and smooth, without crack transition, the interface is more strict, and there is no air leakage. The overall corner angle is also thickened at the corner position.

Through thermal analysis, we can find that after the whole corner is formed, the thermal bridge phenomenon is basically solved, and a smooth and smooth transition is achieved.

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