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How to choose clean panel in clean room

Dec 29,2018 | Industry Information

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Cleanroom panel, also known as sandwich cleanroom panel, is made of color coated board, galvanized steel sheet and other materials as face material, core material such as rock wool, paper honeycomb, aluminum honeycomb, PU, corner and keel for edge banding. A "sandwich"cleanroom wall panel compounded with a special binder. Mainly used for clean room decoration materials.

The modular cleanroom wall panel has high flatness, bright color and beautiful appearance. Because of its unique dustproof, anti-static, antibacterial and other superior performance, it is favored by more and more customers. Cleanroom panels have become the main choice for clean room decoration.

With the development of China's economy, clean panels will be used more and more in industrial electronics factories, pharmaceuticals, food, biology, aerospace, precision instrument manufacturing and scientific research where the indoor environment is demanding.

The clean room has the following requirements for the clean panel in the interior decoration:

1、The surface of steel cleanroom indoor walls and ceilings should meet the requirements of smooth, smooth, no ash, and easy to remove dust. Wiskind's clean panel has high flatness, bright color and beautiful appearance. The commonly used steel plates are well-known brands such as Baosteel, Maanshan Iron and Steel, and Huihui, which guarantee product quality from the source.

2、For the building envelope and interior decoration of the clean room, materials with good air tightness and small deformation under the influence of temperature and humidity should be selected. For low temperature clean processing workshops or cold seasons, condensation on the edge of clean wall panels is prone to condensation. To this end, Wiskind's broken bridge keel and insulated keel provide the perfect solution to this problem.

3、Reliable sealing measures should be taken for the construction and construction gaps of clean room doors and windows, cleanroom walls, cleanroom ceilings, and floor (floor) surfaces.

4、The floor of the clean room should meet the requirements of flatness, wear resistance, easy dust removal and cleaning, difficulty in accumulating static electricity, avoiding glare, and comfort.

5、The color of the clean room should be light and soft, so that work can work in a comfortable environment. To this end, Wiskind has proposed a clean room color matching system, according to the nature of the work and environmental needs, with different colors of clean doors, floors and so on.

Different clean rooms also need to consider different personality requirements when selecting clean panels:

1、Clean rooms usually need to be wiped frequently. In addition to wiping with water, they will be disinfected with disinfectant, alcohol, etc. These liquids usually have certain chemical properties, which will cause some materials to discolor and fall off. This requires the surface of the decorative materials to have Certain corrosion resistance.

2、In a biological clean room such as an operating room, a trioxide O₃ generator is usually installed for sterilization purposes. O₃ (Ozone) is a strong oxidizing gas that accelerates the oxidative corrosion of objects in the environment, especially metals. It also causes the surface of the general coating to fade and discolor due to oxidation. Therefore, such clean rooms require that the decorative materials have good oxidation resistance and no rust.

In response to different industry needs,Wiskind provides customers with a comprehensive solution for professional clean room enclosures, and implements a full range of integrated services. In the field of clean room engineering, Wiskind focuses on the semiconductor, optoelectronics, biomedical, food processing and other industries, and participates in thousands of clean room engineering projects of well-known enterprises at home and abroad, and has accumulated rich experience in product application technology and project operation.

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