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Wiskind Cleanroom Sandwich Panels Production Line

Aug 05,2021 | Blog

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We are about to enter the production workshop. In order to ensure your safety, I need to emphasize the following points.

1.Please wear the helmet.

2.Don't expose your ankles.

3.Because many production facilities are dangerous, please go through the visit passage and stay away from dangerous facilities

(Also, please don't take any photos privately.)

Wiskind Workshop

Because is the busy season now, there is some disorder in the workshop. And there will be noise in the workshop, you may not hear me.

Traditional hand-made production relies too much on the level of artificial skills, limited capacity, low efficiency, and a series of problems. Mistakes are always inevitable.

In order to solve these problems, We decided to reshape the operation process and subvert the traditional craftsmanship. In 2016, We self-developed hand-made cleanroom panel automatic continuous production line,and got patent .  Automatic and continuous production of "hand-made cleanroom panel" became a reality, and the single-day production capacity was changed from the original 1,000-square-meter has increased to 6,000-square-meter. It is the first time in the global clean industry.

Hand-made Cleanroom Panel

1.First put the coil of strip on the machine

2.Cover the Coil surface with a protective film

3.Fold up the edge of the steel plate

4.According to environmental factors such as temperature, humidity, and air pressure, the computer intelligently controls the glue spraying speed and glue amount to achieve the best match. At the same time, using the unique "rooted" bonding technology, the bonding strength can reach 2.6 times the national standard.

5.Precision distribution of rock wool system

The high-quality rock wool cleanroom panel has been high-precision cutting, 90° overturning, staggered filling, and the flatness and strength of the panel surface are more guaranteed. In addition, the whole process of rock wool distribution does not require manual intervention, and the dust adsorption and purification device prevents rock wool dust pollution and is more environmentally friendly.

High-quality Rock Wool Cleanroom Panel

6.Double Track Hot Press Forming

The dual-track hot pressing forming system has higher production efficiency than traditional cold pressing and intermittent hot pressing processes, making continuous production possible. In addition, the addition of the double-side limit module keeps the size of each clean panel accurate and consistent, and the accuracy can reach ≤0.1mm.

The 31-meter long double track, single-piece hot-press forming process, even in the face of the stainless steel cleanroom panel with extremely demanding flatness requirements, we can easily handle it.

7.We carry on the strict quality control to the plank.

Random inspection of finished product flatness, bond strength, flexural capacity, etc., to ensure the quality of each clean plate

8.Intelligent Palletizing

Intelligent robots are used to replace manual palletizing operations. First, suction;Second lifting, and finally put down lightly. The protection is in place and the quality is more guaranteed.

In the past, we relied on artificial production of cleanroom panels, but now, we use intelligent manufacturing to replace manual production, turning the equipment into a more superior craftsman, playing a more stable craftsman, increase efficiency! Provide a worry-free and assured delivery experience;

This is the finished product cleaning and packing area. In this area, our workers clean the finished clean panel, remove the glue at the edge , and make the final inspection.

This is the hand-made production area. The procedure is the same as the continuous line, only the production process is different. Every production step of the Hand-made panel is depend on the workers.

This was originally the production area for Windows and doors. Bust most of the equipment has been moved into the new workshop.

Glass Composite Room

To make sure the Windows don't get foggy and dusty, we put the combination of Windows into the clean room.

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