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What are the ways to quickly build a new crown vaccine laboratory?

Aug 11,2021 | Blog

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China built the world's largest new crown vaccine production plants, mass production annual capacity of 100 million, have to meet the large-scale use of emergency and routine vaccination production conditions. The new crown vaccine production workshop project has professional systems, tight schedules control and so on, these are the difficulties of the project. In order to successfully complete the construction, the project team organized several special rush meetings to orderly schedule the procedures during the construction process, which is particularly critical in terms of material procurement and construction plans.

New Crown Vaccine Laboratory

At Wiskind, we can quickly provide all the materials needed to build a clean room and provide one-stop service. At the same time, for some projects with tight time and heavy tasks, we can provide modular clean rooms, fast assembly, and standardized production. Increase the efficiency of clean room material production and construction more than 15%, shorten the construction period by 20% to 40% , and greatly improve the quality of construction. This means that your team can start using new facilities as soon as possible, thereby greatly reduces work delays , and further promote the industry's profitability model changes.


Modular clean room includes cleanroom doorscleanroom windows, and cleanroom panels. The high flexibility of modular clean room design means that you can choose to use other clean room equipments to maintain stricter environment control. At the same time, the modular clean room has great advantages over the brick and mortar clean room structure. You can solve the damage of the clean room wall by replacing a single cleanroom wall panel without having to consider replacing  entire structure. Wiskind invented a removable sandwich wall panel, through the development of removable accessories to connect the panel, which can removed part of the wall.

Clean Room

As a global supplier, we tend to have different opinions and suggestions from customers, and take this opportunity to learn more about the benefits of modular clean rooms to find out whether they are suitable for your organization. These suggestions can increase our overall design and construction of modular clean rooms, help us make better changes.

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