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Engineering case | Let cells change the length and abundance of life| Let cells change the length and abundance of life

Aug 18,2021 | Blog

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-Project: Shanghai Cell Therapy Group Co., Ltd.

-Construction unit: CESE

-Project address: Shanghai

-Products: cleanroom panels, cleanroom doors, cleanroom windows

-Area: 18000 Sqm

Shanghai Cell Therapy Group Co., Ltd. was established in 2013. It is a cell health comprehensive platform company with cell therapy as the core, creating a trinity closed-loop industrial chain of "cell storage, excellent cell drug research and development, and precise cell clinical transformation".

Clean Room Enclosure System

With the mission of "Let cells change the length and abundance of life" and the realization of the "Baize Project" as the fundamental goal, Shanghai Cell is committed to researching and developing cancer immunotherapy technologies that are internationally leading and affordable for Chinese people. product.

Deep cryopreservation of healthy immune cells, preserves the diversity of immune cells, leaves a healthy and rich diversity of immune cell seeds for the future, and prepares the ultimate weapon against diseases when needed.

Cleanroom Panels

What are the requirements for materials in such a harsh environment?

Shanghai Cell Laboratory uses Wiskind double gypsum rock wool cleanroom panel, which is a multifunctional sandwich composite board that meets individual requirements and integrates fire resistance, heat preservation, corrosion resistance and pollution resistance.

In the selection of gypsum, the products of building materials giant Saint-Gobain and non-wedge-shaped board surface are used, which have higher flatness. Gypsum and high-quality water-repellent rock wool board form a seamless structure with higher flatness, strength and fire resistance.


In the selection of raw materials, product production, sales and other links, the consumption of resources is minimized, and the generation and discharge of pollutants are reduced. Regarding the environmental testing of glue, heavy metals, formaldehyde, and tobacco poisons have all passed the SGS standard certification and comply with the European EN71 Part3 environmental standards.

What is the significance of cell therapy?

The origin of living things has always been the goal of human exploration. From the birth of the first cell on the earth to the emergence and development of human beings, it has gone through a long time of about 3.5 billion years. The emergence of each new type of life from scratch, from less to more, from simple to complex, from low to high, from primitive to modern, is a major leap forward.

Scientists extract cells from the human body, carry out in vitro domestication or transformation, and then inject the domesticated or transformed cells back into the human body to precisely target the target tumor cells, thereby achieving the effect of eliminating cancers and treating diseases.

By then, Shanghai Cell Therapy Group will become the world's largest comprehensive treatment center integrating antibody research and development, cell production, cell cryopreservation and cell therapy.

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As a professional clean room enclosure system service provider, Wiskind has always insisted on promoting the research and development of green and environmentally friendly building enclosure materials to meet the customized needs of customers while minimizing environmental pollution and saving resources. Provide people with a comfortable, healthy, green and environmentally friendly clean space, and live in harmony with nature.

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