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Wiskind Project Case_ Beijing Science Sun Pharmaceutical

Wiskind Project Case_ Beijing Science Sun Pharmaceutical

22 Jan, 2019

Located in the Beijing Economic and Technological Development Zone,Beijing Science Sun Pharmaceutical was established in 1999. It is a high-tech enterprise specializing in R&D, production and sales of biopharmaceuticals (active proteases, active peptides, active polysaccharides, and amphoteric lipids).The company now has a number of clinically effective, exclusive or first-produced national medicine quasi-brand products and has more than forty national invention patents.

 Beijing Saisheng Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

With a variety of products such as cardiovascular and cerebrovascular, immune regulation, and nervous system, the company is currently developing and developing a number of national-level new drugs to provide clinical applications.

Cleanroom Panel For Pharmaceuticals

The high-end production environment creates high-quality products, and the good production base can provide strong protection for good products. This project uses themanual cleanroom panels provided by Wiskind with more than 50,000 square meters.

Modular Cleanroom Wall Panels System

The workshop is built in strict accordance with the new GMP standards, including pilot workshops, joint production plants, reserved production plants, animal houses and chemical warehouses. It uses internationally advanced equipment to create first-class domestic products. production line.

Pharmaceutical Clean Room

In view of the particularity of the pharmaceutical workshop, and taking into account the required strength and aesthetic properties of the panels, Wiskind recommends the use of manual double gypsum rock wool cleanrooom panels,which has the advantages of resistance to chemicals, corrosion and pollution. Ideal for engineering fields such as pharmaceuticals.

Module Aluminum Cleanroom Partition Wall

The keel adopts 0.8mm bow type galvanized keel; thehigh quality swill rock wool has the advantages of slender fiber, better strength, and non-combustible grade A;high quality imported waterproof gypsum panel, non-wedge surface, higher flatness, gypsum and The high-quality hydrophobic rock wool cleanroom panel is firmly bonded together by the binder to form a seamless structure, which not only has higher aesthetics, but also increases the overall flatness and fire resistance of the clean room panel, and meets the requirements of the project.

Wiskind is a professional cleanroom enclosure system service provider,modular cleanroom advocate and practitioner and the largest domestic capacity manufacturer. At present, it has the world's first automatic production line for cleanroom panels with independent knowledge products. It has been customized to meet the needs of different industries. It has provided professional clean room panels and technical support services to hundreds of customers in various fields such as food, electronics and medicine.

The construction of this project is an important step for Beijing Science Sun Pharmaceutical to expand its production capacity. It is also a big step for Wiskind to build a quality project. To undertake this project, for Wiskind, it has greatly promoted both the company image and brand building. The completion of the Beijing Science Sun Pharmaceutical Project has added another strength to enhance the brand power of Wisind's cleanroom panel.

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