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Cleanroom Workshop Decoration How To Achieve Dust-free

Feb 17,2019 | Industry Information

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It is applied to dust-free workshops in many industries, especially the hot precision electronics industry and pharmaceutical manufacturing industry. The requirements for dust-free workshops are extremely strict. Because the clean room can not only ensure the health of the staff, but also have a significant effect on the quality, precision, yield and stability of the product.

What should I pay attention to in the clean room decoration? The clean room decoration is a very technical industry. The clean room is not like our ordinary room. It needs to have very high cleanliness. In some places, it needs to be dustproof, fireproof, heat preservation and antistatic. Therefore, the decoration of the clean room should have a deep understanding of the industry, and also have a very in-depth understanding of the materials selected for the decoration of the clean room, so that it can achieve dust-free.

How to choose clean room decoration materials

1、The surface of the decoration material has certain chemical resistance.

2、The decoration material has certain oxidation resistance.

3、In the shower area, it is best to use ceramic tiles with anti-slip function.

4、Dust-free workshop decorative panels: decorative panels, commonly known as clean panels, need to have basic insulation, fire protection and other requirements, but also the board surface is flat, beautiful and generous, easy to install.

Shandong Wish Wiskind Clean Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in clean room enclosure system engineering, ceiling system, various types of doors and windows and related equipment research and development, manufacturing, sales, consulting and service. The clean core material produced is diverse, modular assembly, high overall strength, and the factory can be customized.

Clean room construction requirements:

1、Self-leveling floor treatment, thickness 2mm.

2、According to the requirements of GMP regulations, the gap parts should be sealed to prevent dust accumulation, and the walls and ceiling should be smooth and easy to clean. Colors should be harmonious and easy to identify contaminants.

Wiskind integrated corner plate system can effectively avoid the dust accumulation phenomenon between the aluminum profile and the clean plate.

3、Room with filter, no dusting.

4、Protect the work surface and avoid sheet defects.

Clean room construction precautions:

1、Before the board is laid, it should be classified.

2、Remove impurities and keep the surface dry before inserting.

3、The equipment inlet should be closed at all times to prevent debris from entering.

4、The construction site should ensure good ventilation and lighting.

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