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What should be paid attention to in the layout design of Cleanroom Food Factory?

Mar 10,2019 | Industry Information

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1、Clean Room Food Factory Structure

The food processing and cleanroom workshop mainly adopts steel mixed or brick structure, and according to the needs of different products, it is suitable for the specific requirements of specific food processing in structural design.

The space of the workshop should be compatible with the production. The per capita possession area of the processing personnel in the production clean room workshop (except equipment) should be no less than 1.5 square meters. The overcrowded cleanroom workshop not only hinders the production operation, but also the collision between personnel, the contact between the work clothes and the production equipment, and it is easy to cause product pollution.

The height of the cleanroom ceiling system should not be less than 3 meters, and the cooking cleanroom should not be less than 5 meters. Sanitary facilities in processing areas and processing personnel, such as changing rooms, showers and toilets, should be connected in the building. Cold storage and processing areas for aquatic products, meat products and frozen foods should also be joint structures.

2、Clean Room Iayout

The layout of the clean workshop should not only facilitate the connection of various production links, but also facilitate the sanitary control of the processing process to prevent cross-contamination in the production process. The food processing process is basically a process from raw material to semi-finished product to finished product, that is, from non-cleaning to cleaning. Therefore, the production of the processing workshop should be laid out in accordance with the processing order of the products, so that the processing of the products from the unclean to the cleaning process, and the crossover and backflow in the processing flow are not allowed.

Corresponding isolation measures should be taken between the cleaning area and the non-cleaning area to control the flow of people and logistics between each other, so as to avoid cross-contamination, and the processed products are transmitted through the transfer window. It is necessary to select suitable places in the workshop, set up tools cleaning, disinfection rooms, configuration cleaning tools, disinfection cleaning tanks, disinfection tanks and rinsing tanks. If necessary, there is hot and cold water supply, and the temperature of hot water should not be low. At 82 ° C.

3、Clean Workshop Floor, Wall Panel System, Ceiling System, Clean Doors And Windows

The cleanroom partition wall surface of the workshop should be corrosion-resistant, easy to clean and disinfect, strong, clean the corner of the workshop, and the radius of curvature of the ground and apex angles is not less than 3 cm. The material used in the ceiling system of the clean workshop should be easy to clean. There is a working area where water vapor is generated. The material used for the ceiling is not easy to condense water balls. When constructing, a proper curvature should be formed to prevent condensation water from falling onto the product.

A broken bridge keel frame invented by Wiskind, through a special equipment to produce broken bridge keels, the keels are connected by high-strength ABS corners, so that the frame is formed into an overall structural strength is not affected, and in some low-temperature clean space around The border has no condensation water, which increases the service life of the panel and improves the overall appearance.

4、Personnel Sanitation Facility

Dressing Room Cleanroom Workshop

It is necessary to have a dressing room suitable for the number of processing personnel. The dressing room should be connected to the workshop. If necessary, separate the dressing rooms for the processing personnel working in the cleaning area and the non-cleaning area, and enter and exit the passages of the respective work areas. separate. Personal clothing, shoes should be placed separately from work clothes and boots.

Hangers should keep the hanging work clothes at a certain distance from the wall and do not touch the wall. The locker room should be well ventilated and lit, and the indoor air can be sterilized by installing an ultraviolet lamp or an ozone generator.

Shower Room

The processing and purification workshop for meat products (including canned meat) should have a shower room connected to the purification workshop. The size of the shower room should be adapted to the number of processing personnel in the purification workshop. The shower head can be used for every 10 people. The ratio is configured.

The shower room should be well ventilated. The floor and wall skirt should be light-colored, easy to clean, corrosion-resistant, non-permeable material construction, the floor should be non-slip, the upper part of the wall skirt and the top surface should be coated with mildewproof paint, the ground should be drained smoothly and ventilated. Good, with hot and cold water supply.

Hand Washing And Disinfection Facility

At the entrance of the workshop, there should be a hand washing and disinfecting facility that is compatible with the number of personnel in the purification workshop. The number of configurations required for the hand washing faucet should be one for every 10 people, and one for each additional 20 people for 200 or more. The hand washing faucet must be a non-manual switch. The hand washing machine must have a soap dispenser and hot water supply. The effluent is warm water. The container containing the disinfectant should be in accordance with the number of users and placed reasonably for convenient use.

Dry hand tools must be items that do not cause cross-contamination, such as disposable paper towels, sterile towels, etc. Appropriate locations in the decontamination workshop should be installed with adequate hand washing, disinfection facilities and associated dry hand products so that workers can wash their hands regularly during the production process, disinfect, or wash their hands in a timely and convenient manner after soiling the hands. The water discharged from the hand washing cannot flow directly on the ground and is introduced into the drain through a water seal.


In order to facilitate the production of sanitary management, the bathroom connected to the purification workshop should not be located in the processing area and can be located in the dressing area. The doors and windows of the bathroom can not be directly opened to the processing area. The wall, floor and doors and windows of the bathroom should be light-colored, easy to clean and disinfect, corrosion-resistant, non-permeable materials, and equipped with flushing, hand washing and disinfection facilities, and windows for pest control. Fly device.

5、Storage Facilities: Original And Auxiliary Materials

The storage facilities of raw materials and auxiliary materials shall ensure that the raw materials and auxiliary materials prepared for production and processing will not affect the changes in production and use and create new safety and health hazards during the storage process. Cleaning, sanitation, and prevention of rodent pests are basic requirements for various food processing materials/accessory storage facilities.

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