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The impact of clean technology on industrial production

Mar 29,2019 | Industry Information

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With the rapid development of industrial technology, especially the production of high-tech products such as microelectronics and biomedical engineering, there are increasingly higher requirements, which not only requires the improvement of production technology of process equipment, but also the requirements for the production environment. Harsh. The cleanliness level and production environment of the clean room have a huge impact on the production efficiency and quality of the product. The comfort of the production environment is also related to the comfort and work efficiency of the staff.

The clean room environment has a huge impact on product production. The biggest impact is that the production environment affects the production process and production quality of high-tech products. The air cleanliness of the purification engineering workshop is one of the key factors for the smooth development of high-tech products. Especially in the chip production process of high-tech industries such as microelectronics, the control of particles in the air must reach the molecular level, that is, the non-100-level clean room environment, and it is impossible to produce at all, or even if it can be produced, the quality is difficult. Meet the requirements.

In the production of pharmaceutical products such as biopharmaceuticals, it is necessary not only to control the dust particles in the clean room, to achieve the required production environment and purification level, but also to properly control the bacteria and microorganisms in the air, otherwise the production of the drug is difficult to carry out normally. Even if it is produced, it is mostly defective, and it is difficult to meet the quality standards.

It can be seen that the impact of clean technology on industrial production is enormous. With the continuous development of industrial technology, more and more new products need to be carried out in the clean room. The ordinary production workshop can not meet the production requirements at all, and the conventional The production workshop can not control the whole air environment through the purification equipment. Only the closed purifying color steel plate and the reasonable air volume and pressure difference can meet the requirements of the production

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