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How to choose coldroom panel ?

Apr 26,2021 | Blog

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Cold storage generally refers to facilities that use various equipment for refrigeration, which can be artificially controlled and maintained at a stable low temperature. It is a warehouse that uses cooling facilities to create suitable humidity and low temperature conditions. Also known as cold storage, freezer, fresh-keeping storage. Cold storage is a place for processing and storing products, which can get rid of the influence of climate, extend the storage period of various products, and adjust market supply.

The cold storage is mainly composed of three parts: insulation system, refrigeration system and control system.

The refrigeration system mainly includes various refrigeration equipment. The refrigeration equipment is the heart of the cold storage. It produces cold capacity to ensure the supply of cold sources in the warehouse. The electric control device is the brain of the cold storage. It directs the cold storage equipment to ensure the supply of cold storage.

A warehouse with a certain degree of thermal insulation is a place for storing fresh-keeping agricultural products. Its function is to maintain the stability of the low-temperature environment. The thermal insulation is usually described as heat preservation.

The good thermal insulation structure of the warehouse can keep the cold capacity produced by the refrigeration equipment from leaking out in the warehouse as much as possible. Therefore, the choice of coldroom Panel is particularly important for the entire cold storage, especially in terms of thermal insulation performance.

1. As a manufacturer of coldroom panels, Wiskind is mainly divided into C-type coldroom panelsE-type coldroom panelsH-type coldroom panels.

2. The thickness is 50mm, 75mm, 100mm, 120mm, 150mm, 180mm, 200mm, and the width is 930mm, 1130mm;

3. Polyurethane oxygen index is 30, the closed cell rate is more than 90%, and the water absorption rate is ≤3%, maintaining long-term thermal insulation performance;

4. The internationally advanced Italian puma double-track production line, with a unique 26M super-long double-track; precise six-component high-pressure continuous foaming technology; domestic advanced computer numerical control production line and van-type field; production equipment to meet the diverse needs of customers.

5. Polyurethane products have been used internationally as the main steel building enclosure materials, and are widely used in large industrial plants, cold storage, garages, mobile houses, exhibition halls, stadiums, shopping malls, airports, power plants, villas, hospitals, strata and In high-rise office buildings and other fields, its excellent thermal insulation performance is mainly used in the roofs and walls of industrial and civil buildings.

The choice of coldroom panel is very important for cold storage, because cold storage is different from other warehouses. Choosing the right sheet can better maintain the cold storage. Cold storage panels and medical cold storage have high environmental requirements such as temperature and humidity.

Therefore, when choosing the coldroom panels, pay attention to the material and insulation strength of the board. Generally, it is pre-produced by the manufacturer with fixed length, width and thickness. High and medium temperature cold storage generally use 10 cm thick plates, and low temperature storage and freezing storage generally use 12 cm or 15 cm thick plates; so if it is not a predetermined storage When selecting materials, pay attention to the density of the coldroom panels and the thickness of the steel plate. The thickness of the steel plate of the regular manufacturer is generally above 0.4mm.

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