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How to choose different cleanroom panels according to different purposes

May 22,2019 | Blog

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Due to the increasing construction requirements of modular cleanrooms, the demand for clean room wall panels and cleanroom ceiling panels has also increased. Modular clean panels are used in a wide range of applications, including almost all cleanroom and cleanrooms. Therefore, the performance of the clean panel will be more comprehensive. But clean panels, like other products, have different classifications.

According to the different core materials of the clean panel, it can be divided into many composite panels such as rock wool, puf, glass magnesium, gypsum, aluminum honeycomb, paper honeycomb, etc. These classifications are also reasonably selected according to its different use environments.

Wiskind Cladding System Of Cleanroom

Among them, the rock wool material purification panel has a very good fireproof effect, and can be applied to a project such as an aerospace laboratory which requires extremely high temperature and fire protection. Wiskind in the recycling of rock wool, we specialize in the collection of rock wool recycling tanks, centralized recycling, unified treatment, and then for the environmental protection of glue testing, heavy metals, formaldehyde, tobacco poisons are certified by SGS standards, in line with European EN71 Part3 environmental standards, the concept of truly living in harmony with nature.

The appearance of glass magnesium material is extremely flat, the fire resistance time is long, and it will not melt when burning, and there is no high temperature to decompose the dripping material. It belongs to the domestic high-grade fireproof building decoration composite board, which is suitable for purifying the ceiling, enclosing and cleaning. Products, industrial plants, warehouses, cold storage, air conditioner siding, etc.; antistatic antibacterial material has a very high conductivity and antibacterial effect, preventing dust adhesion, and easy to remove, while the board has chemical resistance, wear resistance, resistance The advantages of pollution, such plates are suitable for efficient clean rooms such as hospital operating rooms.

Rockwool Cleanroom Wall Panel

Only by first analyzing the environment and use, can we better choose the best purification panel. Wiskind is a high-tech enterprise specializing in clean room containment system engineering, ceiling systems, various types of doors and windows and related equipment research and development, manufacturing, sales, consulting and services. In the field of clean room engineering, Wiskind focuses on semiconductor, optoelectronics, biomedicine, food processing and other industries, and participates in thousands of clean room engineering projects of well-known enterprises at home and abroad, and has accumulated rich experience in product application technology and project operation. A high-quality professional technology and management team is the strongest guarantee for Wiskind to create customer value and achieve quality commitment.

Solutions for different environments: Wiskind have a quick detachable cleanroom panel solution, a panel resistant agent (VHP) solution, a cold-proof bridge-frame anti-condensation solution, and a fast automatic typesetting solution.

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