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How To Clean The Clean Room

Jan 10,2019 | Industry Information

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People often hear this saying: "The pollution in the clean room is invisible, there is nothing to clean, so there is no need to clean." This statement reflects the lack of attention to the clean room maintenance work. For pharmaceutical companies, the cleansing effect directly affects the quality of the drug. If the environment of the clean room is polluted, then the drug treatment will be difficult to guarantee, bringing great harm to the patient and the social adverse effects. Regular cleaning and maintenance of the clean room is an indispensable part, then how should the clean room be carried out? Clean?

Before we talk about the importance of cleaning and maintenance, let us first understand the four sources of pollution in the clean room:

1、The tool and equipment in the clean room will diffuse particles into the clean room space during operation.

2、Products in the clean room also diffuse particles into the clean room space.

3、Facilities in modular clean rooms, such as clean room floorsclean room wall panelclean room ceiling system, etc.

4、The people in the clean room are the main source of pollution, and 80% of the pollution in the clean room comes from the particles emitted by the people.

For the clean room pollution source, only the dust particles with a particle size larger than 50um can be seen by the naked eye. It is necessary to use a microscope to see dust particles smaller than 50um, so this is why the clean room is "looking" so clean. The existence of pollution sources For many precision manufacturing industries, any dust particles larger than 0.1um will cause harm to the products. Therefore, it is necessary not only to pay attention to the establishment of clean rooms, but also to achieve a qualified production environment through pollution control technology.

We know that the clean room can achieve self-purification through the air supply system, but only a part of the pollution can be removed through the circulating air system, and there will still be a large amount of pollutants, which will cause pollution to the product through direct or indirect contact, resulting in products. Bad.

The most important purpose for cleanrooms is to remove pollution, protect our products from contamination, and improve product quality. Clean room cleaning can be divided into two areas, preventive cleaning and active cleaning. Preventive cleaning is to prevent the generation of pollutants and prevent the introduction of pollutants from the external environment into the clean room environment, or to minimize the release of pollutants from critical areas.

Depending on the tools used, active cleaning methods can be divided into dry and wet methods. The dry method is to use a vacuum cleaner or a dry tool for cleaning. The dry method can only remove part of the dust particles. The smaller the particles, the greater the force attached to the surface, and the longer the particles adhere to the surface, the more difficult it is to remove them.

Wet cleaning is an effective supplement to the dry process. Small particles attached to the surface are difficult to remove with a vacuum cleaner because the vacuum cleaner does not reach the wind speed required to remove the particles. At the same time, in order to avoid cross-contamination, the cleaning principle should be followed from top to bottom, from inside to outside, and the wiping method with partial overlapping in the straight line direction.

Regular cleaning and maintenance of the clean room is of great significance for the maintenance of the clean room performance. In addition, the clean room must be cleaned during construction. It must be cleaned while construction, and can not be cleaned after completion. Clean room cleaning The frequency should meet the requirements of the clean room, and the cleaning work should also be carried out according to the requirements and standards.

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