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PIR PUR PU Polyurethane Insulated Wall Sandwich Panels


Steel Thickness: 0.4-0.8mm

Width: 920-1120mm

Core Material: PU

Capacitive Weight: 38-42kg/m³

Core Material Thickness: 50-200mm

Fireproof Rating:Class B1

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Adopt the new generation PU PIR Pentane-blown B1 foam as the rigid  core material, Wiskind produces the PIR PUR PU Polyurethane Insulated Wall Sandwich Panels(COLORGEM®) which boasts excellent heat insulation and fireproof  performances.

Ultra-high temperature stability and fire rating, zero Freon emissions,  energy saving and eco-friendly, thus able to be widely used in industrial  building and cold storage projects.

  • Product Details

1 Product Parameters

Steel Outer LayerCommon T(mm)Specs0.5-0.8(Coated Steel Panel)

Specs0.46-0.7(Stainless Steel)
Common L(mm)≤15,000
Common W(mm)920-1120
Insulation CoreCore MaterialPU
VW(kg/m³)PU: 40±2
Fire RatingPU:CLASS B1
Production ProcessContinuous Production Process
Surface TextureFlat/Straight Bead/MicroRipple
Center Trim TreatmentPU Filling+Decorative Cover

2 Product Characteristics

COLORGEM product details

   -The core material adopts a new generation of the rigid PU PIR foam composite material system,  which effectively blocks heat conduction, thereby excellent thermal insulation performance

-Rational joint design, great thermal insulation effect, and superior mechanical performance-Excellent thermal insulation performance, high economic benefits, reduced air loss and solar radiant  heating, thereby lower energy consumption & costs, CO2 emissions, and building energy consumption

-Meet various major fire protection standards in the world

-Lower volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions, environmentally friendly and sustainable.

COLORGEM product joint details

3 Product Certifications

COLORGEM product CE Approval

4  Production lines

COLORGEM product production line

Developed by Wiskind, the COLORSPAR® production line's biggest advantage lies in its system size. The equipment with a length of 24 meters can meet the longest manufacturing time of 24 meters, and the length and length of 30 meters can guarantee that it does not meet the time requirements for 3 hours. process, more conducive to product stability.

5 Product Project Cases

COLORGEM product project cases1

---PIR PUR PU Insulated Wall Sandwich Panels Cases of Lingzhi potato intelligent warehouse

COLORGEM product project cases2

---PIR PUR PU Insulated Wall Sandwich Panels Cases of Qilu Anti Pharmaceutical Industrial Park

COLORGEM product project cases3

---PIR PUR PU Insulated Wall Sandwich Panels Cases of Jinan New Materials Industrial Park

6 Product Knowledges

PU core material details

The PU sandwich panels have the best thermal insulation performance.We can produce thickness from 40mm to 250mm, customers can choose the thickness according the needs. Our production line is imported from Italian, OMS brand, overall 320 meters and the track is 42 meters, can let the panels have longer time forming process. And we use BASF materials and technology for the production.

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PIR PUR PU Polyurethane Insulated Wall Sandwich Panels

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