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The 2023 Clean Industry & Pan-Semiconductor Industry High-Quality Development Forum Co-organized By Wiskind Was A Complete Success  

Nov 23,2023 | Marketing Campaign

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The 2023 Clean Industry & Pan-Semiconductor Industry High-Quality Development Forum was successfully held in Shanghai on November 22. This forum is guided by the Shanghai Economic and Information Technology Commission and hosted by the Shanghai Indoor Environment Purification Industry Association, Shanghai Integrated Circuit Industry Association, Lingang New Area Integrated Circuit Industry Alliance, and Shanghai Lingang Industrial Zone Economic Development Co., Ltd., with Wiskind as the co-organizer .

This conference has two major themes. Theme 1: Clean and controlled environment supports advanced process technology, packaging, testing, and lithium batteries. Theme 2: Cleanroom controlled environment supports the green development of the pan-semiconductor industry. Wiskind provides advanced process technology, packaging and testing for different industries. Provide comprehensive solutions for the green development of lithium battery and pan-semiconductor industries. These systems can help companies create clean and controlled working environments, improve production efficiency, reduce pollution and energy consumption, and promote sustainable development.

The forum attracted participation from government departments such as the Economic and Information Technology Commission, as well as industry leaders such as Huahong Grace and Jita. In addition, top industry figures such as Secretary-General Yang Ziqiang and Professor Liu Junjie were invited to discuss hot topics in the clean industry and semiconductor industry.

Wiskind demonstrated the cleanroom factory partition wall system and ceiling system at this forum. The product has excellent performance and is suitable for all types of cleanroom projects with demanding indoor environments. It is an ideal cleanroom enclosure material.

cleanroom factory partition wall system and ceiling system

Wiskind has jointly innovated with top brands in the industry, including Baosteel, Yehui, BlueScope, Maanshan Iron and Steel, BASF, Tata, AkzoNobel, etc., and actively promoted the innovative application of new technologies in cleanroom products.

Wiskind has jointly innovated with top brands in the industryAs a leading company in the industry of clean room enclosure system solutions, Wiskind has always regarded "Wiskind cleanroom for beauty and eternity, leading green intelligent future" as its mission to empower the development of high-end manufacturing industries such as electronics, new energy, and medicine. It will continue to deepen its technological depth and provide our country's modern high-end manufacturing escorts the road to high-quality development.

Wiskind cleanroom for beauty and eternity, leading green intelligent future

In the future, Wiskind will continue to promote technological innovation, develop products and combined application solutions with better performance and more reliable quality to meet the increasing demand for a clean environment in the electronics and semiconductor industry.

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