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The 2023 High-Biocontainment Facility Congress has been successfully held

Sep 20,2023 | Company News

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The 2023 High-Biocontainment Facility Congress, has been successfully held in Lanzhou on September 14-15, 2023. The congress was organized by the Pharmaceutical Environmental Engineering Professional Committee of the China Medical Equipment Engineering Association. The aim of this congress was to meet the national development needs, and promote the construction of high-level biosafety facilities in China efficiently, while comprehensively enhancing the capacity for biosafety assurance.

Industry Gathering - Exploring New Technologies and Solutions for Biosafety Construction

The congress brought together professionals from the industry to discuss new technologies and solutions for biosafety construction.

During the congress, Wiskind showcased their professional containment structure solutions for high-level biosafety facility construction to experts, scholars, and users. They also had discussions and exchanges with industry stakeholders on the latest industry trends and innovative solutions.

Enclosure system are critical to the construction of high-level biosecurity facilities

Current national standards GB 19489-2008 "General Requirements for Laboratory Biosafety" and GB 50346-2011 "Technical Specifications for Building Biosafety Laboratories" have clear requirements for the air tightness of laboratory enclosures to reduce indoor air. The risk of leakage to the outside through the enclosure structure, thereby achieving a certain degree of isolation between the inside of the laboratory and the outside.

Based on the interpretation of standards and specifications, Wiskind focuses on in-depth research on biosafety risks, environmental characteristics, process layout and other factors in different functional areas of high-level biosafety laboratories, and develops partition systems and ceilings to cope with different controlled environments. system, as well as supporting door and window solutions. These systems specifically meet the safety risks of pathogens, unknown microorganisms, and gas leaks to people, animals, or the environment in high-level biosafety laboratories at different levels.

Table: High-level biosafety laboratory functional area composition

Laboratory Area


Main laboratory and adjacent buffers, people/logistics channels, showers

room, laboratory corridor, high-voltage antechamber,dissection room, cadaver area

Treatment room (upstream), live toxic wastewater room, etc.

General area

Supporting housing area

Auxiliary packages

Clean preparation area, animal feed, bedding warehouse, cages

Cleaning room, garbage disposal room, monitoring duty room, animal carcasses

Processing room (downstream), air conditioning/power/electrical equipment rooms and pipeline layers, etc.

General area

3Traffic cor area

Traffic, visit, transport

Stairs, elevators, foyers, visiting corridors, entrance and exit passages for large equipment, etc.

General area

Note: The current national standards B50346 and GB 19489 have not yet designated the live toxic wastewater area as a protected area. However, for large animal level 3+ biosafety laboratories that produce a lot of live toxic wastewater, there is actually a large amount of live waste liquid in the laboratory. To deal with the risk of internal leakage and external leakage, it should be set up as a protection zone.

The success of 2023 High-level Biocontainment Facility Congress has made a great contribution to promoting biosafety assurance. At the same time, it is significant to promote the importance of clean enclosure structures in high-level biosafety construction. As an industry-leading company focusing on cleanroom enclosure structures, Wiskind has the responsibility to continue to deepen the research on construction enclosure structures of high-level biosafety facilities, and strive to ensure life safety, promote biosafety industry, and build a safer and more sustainable future!

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