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Good Quality Customized COLORCURTAIN Sandwich Façade Panel


Steel Thickness: 0.4-0.6mm

Width: 300-1000mm

Core Material: Rockwool

Capacitive Weight: >=120kg/m³

Core Material Thickness: 50-150mm

Fireproof Rating:Class A

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  • COLORCURTAIN Sandwich Façade Panel, is a new type of metal curtain wall panel,with fire prevention, heat preservation and decoration function.Factory prefabricated,module mounted,the wallboard can be replaced separately--is a maintainable wall panel, can produce special-shaped.

  • Produced through a discontinuous production process, able to be customized as per client needs, with superior flatness and crisp visual effects. The use of high-quality roll-coated aluminum panel ensures outstanding corrosion resistance, thus improving the overall service life of the building.

  • Product Details

1 Product Parameters

Steel Outer  LayerCommon T (mm)Outer Panel Specs 1.0(Aluminum Panel)

Inner Panel Specs 0.4-0.6(Coated Steel Panel)
Common L (mm)100-4,000
Common W (mm)300-1,000
Insulation CoreCore MaterialHigh-density thermal insulation, fireproof and

water-repellent rock wool
VW (kg/m³)≥ 120
Thickness (mm)50-150
TC (w/m·k)≤ 0.043
Fire RatingClass A
ProcessJoint4-sided Joint
Joint Seam Outlook Width


Production ProcessDiscontinuous Production Process
Center Trim Treatment
Seal Strip or Sealant

2 Product Characteristics

curtain wall panel details

1)light, high strength, mirror flat

The outer plate adopts aluminum magnesium manganese plate, the density of the plate is about 2.78, compared with the traditional color steel plate surface is lighter. We have achieved high strength on the basis of light mass, the design load value is 2.1KN/M2, four times more than the NATIONAL standard 0.5N/M2, the ultimate load value is 3.1KN/M2, 6 times more than the national standard. The higher the strength of the board, the higher its flatness. Compared with traditional aluminum veneer flatness is better.

2) fire prevention, heat preservation, decoration

The core material is high quality rock wool, and the fire rating is grade A non-combustible. And rock wool in all directions closed, no cutting exposure, avoid contact with the air, each board is an independent fire unit. The material with thermal conductivity lower than 0.12W/(M.K) in the NATIONAL standard becomes the thermal insulation material, and the material with thermal conductivity lower than 0.05 is the efficient thermal insulation material. Thermal conductivity of 50MM plate can reach 0.062,75MM can reach 0.043, efficient insulation. PVDF paint pre-roll coating processing, can also process 3D art grain board and a variety of wood grain marble grain and other boards.

3) the whole factory prefabrication, size production, modular installation

Color screen according to the assembly type, using the whole factory prefabricated, integrated module. Heat core material is filled more closely to avoid construction gap and reduce building energy consumption. The fully enclosed thermal insulation foam is tightly attached to the panel, so that damp air is not easy to enter the panel, avoiding condensation inside the building wall, and ensuring the service life of the thermal insulation foam.

4) WISKIND patent binder, bond strength 3 times more than the NATIONAL standard

The national standard requires that the bond strength is 0.06mpa, and the bond strength of the beautiful color screen reached 0.2mpa through the test.

5) the use of WISKIND patent EPDM rubber strip, green environmental protection, high efficiency and energy saving, no glue pollution

EPDM rubber strip structure is waterproof, 2 cm in each horizontal and vertical seam breaks the water trough to block the siphon effect, the vertical seam contains 8 sealing ruler, block the water vapor to enter at the same time, the middle position of the built-in guide trough, such as condensate water can be discharged along the guide trough, will not erode the plate. The aging of traditional sealant erodes the surface with rain water, resulting in plastic pollution.

6) Any plate can be replaced separately, convenient installation and enclosure

To avoid the loss of manpower and material resources caused by large-scale disassembly and assembly, the separate plate replacement is the first in the industry, which fully realizes the requirements of new type of assembly building for the conversion of old and new kinetic energy.

7) Supporting patent fastener system to ensure the service life of the system

The screws are made of master's patent screws. The drawing force test of 401 stainless steel screws is much higher than that of South Korea and Australia screws. Pre-punch holes at the screws on the panel surface to effectively prevent damage to the panel surface that may be caused by on-site nailing.

8) The BIM system optimizes the overall external wall scheme

The automatic equipment imported from Germany is used for processing and molding, and the precision error is controlled by 0.1mm.

curtain wall product connection parts

3 Product Project Case

curtain wall procuct case1

--COLORCURTAIN Sandwich Façade Panel Product Cases of Boxing Super Shopping Mall

curtain wall procuct case2

--COLORCURTAIN Sandwich Façade Panel Product Cases of Inner Mongolia Natural History Museum

curtain wall procuct case3

--COLORCURTAIN Sandwich Façade Panel Product Cases of Dongyue Group

4 Production Equipment

curtain wall production machine

Germany Schnord bending machine, equipment processing dimension accuracy 0.1mm, to ensure the quality.

5 Product Qualification

Curtain wall four tests certification

Curtain wall four tests

1) Water tightness: level 4 (5 in total)

2)  Air tightness: Level 3 (4 in total)

3)  Wind pressure resistance: Level 6 (9 in total)

4)  In-plane deformation performance: Level 5 (5 in total)

6 Product Knowledge

Curtain Wall System  VS  Aluminium veneer system

Color curtain wall system is the use of sandwich board composite process, the panel, back and rock wool these three materials through high component polyurethane adhesive curing under high temperature conditions, the composite strength to ensure that the plate itself can meet its own weight, do not need to increase the reinforcement. The inner and outer metal plate adopts precision mechanical rolling forming, the product size is high precision, the block surface is large, the outer plate corner radius is small, and the stress caused by the temperature change is fully considered, so the flatness of the board surface is high.

The traditional aluminum veneer uses the processing technology of folding, the precision of the product size is low, the block surface is small, the Angle radius of the aluminum plate is large, the stress of the flanging material is not released, the installation system is the Angle code is fixed on the keel of the base frame by bolts, the temperature stress is not released, resulting in the flatness of the board. Stiffeners need to be fixed on the back of the plate to create marks on the external surface of the fixed point.

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Good Quality Customized COLORCURTAIN Sandwich Façade Panel

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