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4-Sided Joint Rock Wool Sandwich Panel With PU Edge Sealing


Steel Thickness: 0.6-0.8mm

Width: 500-1000mm

Core Material: Rockwool

Capacitive Weight: >=120kg/m³

Core Material Thickness: 50-150mm

Fireproof Rating:Class A

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  • Color Gem is one of the 4 sided joint Rock wool sandwich panels with PU edge sealing,subverting the traditional tongue and groove design, the effect of the box-type four sided closed processing is comparable to other curtain wall systems,4-sided joint for high-precision installation, as well as a flat and refined  visual effect.

  • Product Details

1 Product Parameters

Steel Outer Layer

Common Thickness(mm)

Outer Panel Specs 0.6-0.8(Coated Steel Panel)
Outer Panel Specs 0.6-0.8(Coated Steel Panel)

      Common Length(mm)


      Common Width(mm)





Insulation Core

      Core MaterialHigh-quality thermal insulation,fireproof and waterproof rock wool/glass wool
      Density(kg/M3)Rock Wool≥120;Glass              Wool≥64;PU(Edge Sealing)≥38
      U value(w/m·k)

Rock Wool: ≤ 0.043 / Glass Wool: ≤ 0.042

PU (Edge Sealing): ≤ 0.026

      Fireproof RatingRock Wool:Class A;Glass Wool:Class A


     Joint4-sided joint,PU Edge Sealing
      Production ProcessContinuous Production Process
      Surface TextureFlat/Embossed Pattern/Micro Ripple/V8 Ripple
Center Trim Treatment
      ConnectionMetal Snap-in Cover Plate

2 Product Characteristics

colorgerm product details

l New generation of interlaced dual-support joint for super strong wind resistance, air tightness, and zero thermal bridge conduction.

l Continuous line for high-efficiency production.

l Closed cavity to prevent water seepage, watertight & airtight.

l Prefabricated foam, edge sealed with PVC + aluminum foil, more waterproof and economical.

l PU edge sealing to prevent the core material from strength reduction due to moisture absorption, and at the same time, the thermal conductivity is quite low, thereby a more durable insulation performance.

colorgerm product advatages

The color gem adopts a prefabricated four-sided protective modular structure, which is structurally waterproof, air-tight, and fully and effectively protects the core material to avoid water ingress due to poor sealing. The integrated design avoids cumbersome processes such as multi-layer materials and multi-layer construction.

3 Product Project Cases

colorgerm product case2

--4-sided joint Rock Wool Sandwich Panel with PU Sealing Product Case of Nanjing Kangmai Machinery

colorgerm product case3

--Product Case of Qingdao Xiaojianxi Waste-to-energy Plant

4 Packing&Shipping

colorgerm product packing shipping

5 Company Technical Advantage

colorgerm company technical advantage1

Freely customized one-piece 90° corner board, seamless corner, more beautiful!

colorgerm company technical advantage2

Products can be customized to meet diverse customer requirements--Chamfered board.colorgerm company technical advantage3

Meet the needs of the production of different angle corner boards.

6 Product Knowledges

Comparison between traditional stone installation and Color Gem installation

Comparison between traditional stone installation and Color Gem installation

The traditional stone curtain wall construction is cumbersome, relying on labor, the cost is relatively large, and the pollution is serious.

Improve the thermal insulation performance, the board is as flat as a mirror, shorten the construction period to avoid on-site garbage, facilitate recycling and maintenance, and reduce the dependence of engineering quality on labor.

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4-Sided Joint Rock Wool Sandwich Panel With PU Edge Sealing

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