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How to deal with uneven pabel surface and pits

Jul 19,2023 | Blog

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Two sides frame cleanroom panel:

The main reason is that foreign matter is mixed in the production process and the height of the track shoe does not match the product.

1. The damage to the protective film of the elliptical pit on the surface is caused by track burrs;

2. If there is no abnormality in the protective film of the elliptical pit on the panel surface, it is caused by the foreign matter of MGO dust and the peeling marks of the protective film at the end;

3. Horizontal stripes on the panel surface, different shades, the height of the track does not match the product, and the gap between the MGO joints is too large

Four sides frame cleanroom panel:

1. Dimples on the panel surface, hot pressing: caused by hot press PTFE cloth, conveyor belts, and rubber marks on the roller table; cold pressing: wooden partitions are not clean, protective film joints, wrinkles, and air bubbles.

2. Some panels have protrusions, which are caused by the inclusion of MGO particles and rock wool particles.


Two sides frame cleanroom panel:

1. Adjust the gap between the cutters of the molding machine, polish the vertical edge, and test the protective film. To avoid the edge of the end from falling off the film;

2. Restore the buckle cover strip process to avoid glue flowing from the end to the panel;

3. Find a person to clean the tracks, and use a polishing machine to clean up the knife marks;

4. Make MGO cleanroom panel cleaning roller table. Before the roller table is in place, a special person will wipe and clean it;

5. The track height does not match the product, increase the gasket test track temperature, and adjust the track height test for products such as double MGO rock wool;

6. The MGO palletizer and the molding machine build enclosures for shielding, so as to isolate the MGO wind and dust from electrostatic adsorption to the protective film.

Four sides frame cleanroom panel:

1. Recruit special personnel to clean up wooden partitions, and include them in the audit items of supervisors and team leaders, three times a day.

2. The cleaning of the surface particles of the MGO panel will be included in the process standard card, and the responsible person will be specified

3. Eliminate the overlapping phenomenon of protective film.

4. Use a wind gourd to clean the rockwool particles around the wooden partition before cold pressing the panel.

5. Make cover strips by hot pressing, and buckle the cover strips on the ends and long sides of the plates.

6. Clean the PTFE cloth three times a day, remove it and clean it in the morning

7. Establish a feedback group for manual surface inspection, and designate responsible persons to formulate the requirements and frequency of surface inspection

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