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Project Case : Food Processing And Central Kitchen Construction Projects

Sep 01,2022 | Food Enclosure Structure

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Address:Nanjing, Jiangsu ProvincePanel dosage:24000㎡Provide customers with the best product combination solution for clean area and non-clean areaCreated high-standard, high-quality food processing plantsFully meet the needs of food enclosure constructionDedicated to helping the food industry open a new chapterCorridor wall panel adopts blind panel, ceiling panel adopts magnesium oxysulfate handmade panelWiskind cleanroom steel doors, cleanroom windowsWall panels are made of double glass magnesium + rock wool \ single-sided stainless steel handmade panelsThe ceiling panels are made of magnesium oxide \ single-sided stainless steel handmade boardWall panels are made of double-glass magnesium + rock wool \ double-sided color steel handmade panelsThe ceiling panels are made of magnesium oxysulfide \ double-sided color steel handmade boardWall panels and ceiling panels are made of polyurethane cold storage panelsAssembly workshopVegetable inner roomAquatic product packaging roomProcessing roomClean roomDifferential pressure libraryHot kitchenConsumables library

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