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Vaccines guarantee life safety, we guarantee vaccine production

Sep 26,2022 | Blog

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On April 26, China's vaccine doses surpassed the United States for the first time,ranking first in the world.

As of July 4, 31 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) and the Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps have reported a total of 1,305.499 million doses of the coronavirus vaccine.

Since China officially launched the vaccination of key groups on December 15, 2020, the vaccination rate of the new crown vaccine in various places has continued to increase, repeatedly setting records.

This success is inseparable from the silent efforts of a group of respectable and lovely "invisible supermen", and it is also inseparable from the joint efforts of research institutions, industry chain partners and the country, especially in vaccine research and development, testing, production, listing, etc. a series of major events. Generally speaking, it takes 8 to 10 years for a vaccine product to go into the market from research and development. Our new crown vaccine has been working for ten years a year. China is accelerating its goal of building an immune barrier.

China's vaccine reflects China's advantages

From the Ebola vaccine to the coronavirus vaccine.

, CanSino Bio has never been absent in the face of major epidemics. In 2020, with the outbreak of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, the vaccine developed by CanSino Bio was the first to enter clinical trials. CanSino vaccine is also my country's first adeno-vector coronavirus vaccine.

In order to accelerate the construction of coronavirus vaccine production capacity, in February 2021, CanSino Bio, Shanghai Pharmaceuticals, and Shanghai Biomedical Fund jointly established Shanghai Pharmaceutical CanSino Bio-Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., which is mainly engaged in the research and development and production of vaccines. Production base.

Shanghai Pharmaceuticals CanSino is making every effort to promote the construction of production lines, and will build an independent and automatically controlled production line for stock solutions and preparations within the year, which will reach an annual production capacity of 200 million doses of the coronavirus vaccine

On February 24, 2021, I learned that it won the bid for Shanghai Pharmaceutical CanSino. This workshop is a renovation project, which has attracted great attention from the Shanghai Municipal Government and various departments. It is required to start supplying on March 15, and the supply will be completed in mid-April. Using Wiskind double-glass magnesium rock wool cleanroom panel, the supply cycle is short, the volume is large, and the task is heavy.

Sales communicate the customer's front-line needs to the company in the first time;

On March 2nd, the delivery side of technology, sales, customer service, procurement, etc. determined the delivery plan and determined the daily project progress.

This project is a renovation project, and the design and construction are carried out at the same time. In order to cope with the change of drawings, delayed delivery plan and affect the construction progress, on March 3, the technical team of Wiskind went to Shanghai to carry out scheme design and size confirmation on the project site;

On March 4th, the on-site dimensions were issued one after another, and the specifications of doors, windows and panels were determined to start production;

In mid-April, the supply of 31,600 square meters was completed.

For projects with tight schedules, heavy tasks and large volumes, in addition to the strong guarantee of production capacity, Wiskind is inseparable from the tacit cooperation of the "iron triangle" model. In the process of project implementation, sales understand customer needs, and do a good job of leading internal and external work. The technical support department will provide positive services to improve customer satisfaction. The contract performance department will be the delivery officer. Deliver on time to customers.

High standards for the most stringent requirements

In addition to strict requirements on cleanliness, biological clean rooms have strict requirements on the overall design, room layout and space utilization rate of the clean room. The traditional return air column is used for return air treatment, which takes up a lot of space and is unsightly. To solve these problems, Wiskind provided the project with a 100mm hollow return air unit module, which completely replaced the return air column and 100-thick hollow shrapnel wall in the buffer room for changing clothes and shoes, greatly improving the space utilization rate.

This project adopts oversized clean windows, integrated structure design, and perfect combination with clean wall panels. It not only has good airtight performance, easy installation, but also has beautiful appearance, which has become the highlight of clean room space.

Professional clean room production environment, fully automatic control of temperature and humidity, three seals, so as to ensure no dead corner sealing performance around. According to the inspection by the National Construction Engineering Quality Supervision and Testing Center, there is no frost or condensation on the site of the Wiskind's cleanroom window at -60 °C.

At the same time, in the selection of materials for the clean room enclosure systemWiskind has always insisted on promoting the development of green and environmentally friendly building enclosure materials to meet the personalized customization needs of customers, while minimizing environmental pollution and saving resources. Fully respond to the national "green, energy-saving, high-efficiency" building advocacy.

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