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What are the advantages of building a food cleanroom?

Oct 11,2020 | Blog

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Food hygiene directly affects human health. Both the processing workshop and the packaging workshop of a food factory have high hygiene standards and requirements. Among them, microbial contamination is the most important factor affecting food quality, and it is also the focus of ensuring cleanliness in the construction of packaging workshops and processing workshops in food factories. Therefore, in the field of food production, we must be clean and safe to ensure cleanliness requirements. According to national production standards, food cleanrooms need to meet the 100,000-level air purification standard.

So what are the advantages of building a food cleanroom? Wiskind has drawn several conclusions after more than 40 years of experience in cleanroom product production and cleanroom construction.

Cost Reduction

The construction of clean workshops in food factories can effectively reduce the deterioration and mold growth of the products produced, extend the shelf life of food, and improve production efficiency. If the environment around these devices and their production processes are contaminated, they can become quite expensive. The clean room ensures that the above problems occur, so various cost-saving mechanisms can be established. It can prevent the equipment from wearing out, damaging or contaminating the product during the manufacturing process. Therefore, maintenance, waste and quality disturbance will be reduced, thereby reducing costs.

Reduce Wastage

Waste management is a key concept in the food industry. You may experience a period of time when the factory discards a lot of products due to pollution. At Wiskind, we understand the value of clean panels to various clean room systems. It will reduce waste and turn company losses into profits instead of wasting resources. The cleanroom panel enables the system to remove daily pollutants, which can damage the product during the production process, thereby minimizing waste.


Each cleanroom will create an environment that directly affects the manufacturing process and the continuous production of quality products. If there is no suitable cleanroom to drive your manufacturing, production will be distracted, thereby delaying delivery to customers. If maximum reliability is required, the standard of the panel meets all necessary health and safety requirements. Wiskind cleanroom panel has passed CE, SGS, ISO9001, ISO14001 certification. Product reliability is an aspect that many factories cannot lose because it ensures the smooth operation of the equipment. Needless to say, the cleanroom panel makes the cleanroom system always reliable.

In the food industry, we provide cleanroom product support for Tsingtao Brewery, Coca-Cola, Nestlé and other companies. As a global supplier, we tend to provide unused opinions and suggestions from customers. We are also eager to contribute to cleanroom design and development, because every A useful invention and suggestion must be derived from practical experience.

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