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Why have steel prices risen so much in China?

Jan 08,2021 | Industry Information

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Steel prices have been rising steadily since the end of last year. It has a great impact on the related industries. As the raw materials of cleanroom panel and door, steel plate naturally also causes the increase in the price of cleanroom enclosure products.

Why have steel prices risen so much in China?

The rapid rise of steel prices is mainly due to the rapid economic recovery at home and abroad, especially the rapid development of infrastructure construction and equipment manufacturing, which provides a good market environment for the steel industry. On the supply side, mainly due to some areas of environmental protection limit production, as well as the industry overall policy limit production requirements or calls, resulting in tight supply of steel, leading to the rapid growth of steel prices. In addition, the rapid growth of the mine price is also a very important factor superimposed on foreign countries, especially the steel price in the United States is 70% higher than that in China and other reasons, comprehensively driving the rapid growth of the steel price.

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