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Wiskind Cleanroom | Escort for the development of national seed resources| Escort for the development of national seed resources

Jan 10,2023 | Blog

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Do you know how many white-feathered broilers the Chinese eat in a year? Nearly 5 billion! Among them, one out of every 10 chickens comes from Fujian Sunner Holding Group. The company has the largest white feather broiler breeding base in Asia, with an annual production capacity of 500 million. In order to break the core source of white-feathered broiler chickens, it has been longed by foreign companies

Faced with the monopoly dilemma, Sunner Holding Group finally made up its mind to cultivate white-feathered broiler breeds independently, and launched the GP and GGP hatchery projects. The variety of the project has very high environmental requirements for the cultivation space. As the world's leading service provider of clean room enclosure systems and solutions, Wiskind Cleanroom actively responded and strongly supported the project, providing Fujian Sunner Holding Group with a series of cleanroom workshops, Plant solutions and construction support.

Temperature and humidity are important external conditions for cultivating white-feathered broiler breeds. Only by ensuring the appropriate temperature and humidity required for the normal development of the embryo can obtain a high hatch rate and high-quality chicks. Wiskind Cleanroom has designed a set of clean room solutions for the cultivation space for this project, using 50mm double MGO rock wool panel and cleanroom door series products. The 50mm double-glass magnesia rock wool panel has the functions of high temperature resistance, moisture resistance, sound insulation, safety and environmental protection; Wiskind cleanroom door has excellent air tightness, and has the characteristics of heat preservation, sound insulation, moisture resistance, antibacterial and easy cleaning. A more reliable and safer environment has been created for the project.

In order to ensure accurate construction, proper and fast installation of the project, Wiskind arranges professional technical guidance engineers on the construction site to solve sudden problems on the installation and construction site at any time. At the same time, the company's professional after-sales center conducts information registration and filing for construction projects, and regularly visits the usage status to escort the steady development of customers.

Hard work pays off. In November 2021, the "Shengze 901" white-feather broiler chicken bred by Fujian Sunner Holding Group passed the new variety approval of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, becoming the first batch of white-feather broiler breeds independently bred in my country, breaking the situation that domestic white-feather broiler chickens are completely dependent on imports.

Wiskind will continue to innovate and strive to create the world's leading clean room enclosure system to provide customers with unique clean room enclosure solutions. To achieve the wishes of the people, to achieve the hope of the country!

Project : Fujian Sunner Holding Group Co., Ltd.

Location: Guangze County, Nanping City, Fujian Province

Area: 15000㎡

Products: 50mm double glass magnesia rock wool panel, cleanroom door

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