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Wiskind Completes Cleanroom Solutions for ACME 's 16,000 sqm Pharmaceutical Factory

Feb 27,2024 | Company News

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Wiskind delivers a comprehensive cleanroom solutions project for a prominent pharmaceutical company in Bangladesh - ACME Laboratories Ltd for its 16,000 square meter factory project. This achievement underscores Wiskind position as a premier provider of cutting-edge cleanroom technology tailored to meet the unique needs of its clients.

ACME & Wiskind

Leveraging its expertise in cleanroom technology, Wiskind has tailored solutions to precisely meet the requirements of the pharmaceutical company's cleanrooom project. From cleanroom panels, doors, and windows systems choosing to installation, every aspect has been meticulously designed and implemented to ensure the highest levels of cleanliness and efficiency.


Wiskind &ACME

Throughout the project, Wiskind team has demonstrated its unwavering commitment to excellence, adhering to strict quality standards and timelines. The successful completion of this project underscores Wiskind’s dedication to delivering superior cleanroom solutions and products that meet the expectations of its clients. 

Wiskind continues to solidify our position as a trusted cleanroom partner in the pharmaceutical industry all over the globe, providing best quality products and service.

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