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Wiskind's ingenuity and smart manufacturing journey——55th CIPM

Apr 20,2018 | Company News

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Demising Wall Systems

The demising wall systems of the Wiskind is connected by a detachable profile, and the installed modules can be replaced at will, and the disassembly and replacement functions can be easily realized. The factory is scheduled, standardized production, and can be customized to meet the needs of different industries. Modular assembly, easy installation, simple construction process, and excellent operability.

High Quality Rock Wool

At the exhibition, the fish tank made of high-quality rock wool became a unique landscape. The rock wool is made of natural high-quality basalt as the main raw material, the water-repellent rate is ≥98%, which meets the national standard requirements, and the water resistance is particularly stable.

Remote Live Smart Manufacturing

On-site large-screen live broadcast of the world's first automatic cleaning line of the cleanroom panels of the Wiskind purification panel workshop with independent intellectual property rights. The production line has a total length of 180 meters and a daily production capacity of 6,000 square meters. The production efficiency is six times that of manual work.

From panel forming, automatic control of rock wool cutting, automatic rewinding, automatic glue dispensing to high-precision compounding, to the final robot palletizing, more than 90% of the robots are automatically completed. The production of the automatic production line guarantees the quality of the cleanroom panel. Wiskind's intelligent manufacturing not only improves efficiency but also focuses on service quality.

Through the exhibition, Wiskind has strengthened its determination to provide higher efficiency and higher quality products to the market and customers. Wiskind focuses on intelligent manufacturing, takes technology innovation as the core, leads the industry development, and is committed to becoming the professional cleanroom enclosure system service provider, modular cleanroom advocate and practitioner, and the largest domestic production capacity of cleanroom panel intelligent service providers, continue the journey of ingenuity and smart manufacturing.

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