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Buidling Exterior Wall Rock Wool Sandwich Panel With PU Edge Sealing


Steel Thickness: 0.6-0.8mm

Width: 500-1100mm

Core Material: Rockwool

Capacitive Weight: >=100kg/m³

Core Material Thickness: 50-150mm

Fireproof Rating: A

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1 Product Parameters:

Steel Outer  Layer

Common T (mm)

Outer Panel Specs 0.6-0.8(Coated Steel Panel)

Inner Panel Specs 0.4-0.7(coated steel panel)

Common L (mm)


Common W (mm)




Insulation Core

Core Material

High-density thermal insulation, fireproof and

water-repellent rock wool/Glass Wool

VW (kg/m³)

Rock Wool: ≥120/Glass Wool: ≥64/PU (Edge Sealing):≥38

Thickness (mm)


TC (w/m·k)

Rock Wool: ≤ 0.043 / Glass Wool: ≤ 0.042

Fire Rating

Rock Wool: Class A / Glass Wool: Class A



2-sided joint-Male-Female Joint, PU Edge Sealing

Production Process

Continuous Production Process

Surface Texture

Flat / Embossed Pattern/ Micro Ripple / V8 RIPPLE

Center Trim Treatment

Metal Snap-in Cover Plate

2 Product Characteristics:

Colorpod Product Details

Interlaced double support joint

-  New generation of interlaced double support joint for  improved installation progress and compactness

Higher strength & super wind resistance

-Shorter screw overhang, so the moment acting on the  support is reduced under the same wind load-The new generation 3D gasket of Wiskind helps improve  the bearing capacity of the steel panel at the screw and the  strength of the joint

Airtightness / Watertightness

-The closed cavity water resistant structure functions as a  rain screen to avoid water seepage and improve the water-/-airtightness

Interlaced joint structure leads to better air tightness

Multi-purpose PU edge sealing

-Thermal Insulation: Hard PU foam is used to fill the  installation side of the panel, which effectively blocks heat  conduction and improves thermal insulation performance-High Strength: Increased structural and joint strength to  prevent deformation-Watertightness: PU edge sealing increases air tightness,  effectively blocking rain leakage, and preventing the core  material from strength reduction due to moisture absorption.  The thermal conductivity is quite low, privide more durable  insulation performance for panels and systems

Colorpod Product Joint Parts

1. Flame retardant performance grade reaches A class, which improves the overall fire performance of the steel building.

2. Polyurethane is used as the filling on both sides of the mouth, which effectively reduces the heat conduction and cuts off the water leakage, prevents the fire proof cotton from reducing the strength and insulation performance due to moisture absorption, and makes the fire insulation performance more durable.

3. High capacity and heavy core material make the thermal insulation performance better.

4. Hard polyurethane foam filling is adopted on both sides of the mouth to enhance the overall strength and prevent the deformation of the mouth.

5. Fire cotton 90 degrees of rotation, so that the cotton fiber and the board surface into a vertical state, enhance the compressive tensile strength of more than 50%.

3 Product Certifications:

Colorpod Product FM Approval

4 Product Project Cases:

Colorpod Product Cases 1

--Colorpod Product Cases of Samsung Semiconductor

Colorpod Product Cases 2

--Colorpod Product Cases of Qingdao Haier Drum Washing Machine Intelligent Production Line Base

Colorpod Product Cases 3

--Colorpod Product Cases of 3M Materials Technology (Suzhou) Co., Ltd.

Colorpod Product Cases 4

--Colorpod Product Cases of Weifang Goer Electronics Co., Ltd.

4 Wiskind Facade Systems

Colorpod Product Cases 5

Wiskind's metal exterior wall products are the most original in terms of material structure, system design, and manufacturing process. Its advanced prefabricated building design concept allows the advantages of standardized design, factory processing and modular construction to be fully utilized. The excellent quality and unique style of Wiskind's metal exterior wall products not only fulfill the functional requirements of building comfort, environmental protection and energy saving, but also endow buildings with unique aesthetic effects.

Sandwich Panel System

•Corrugated Steel Sheet System

•Lining plate system

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Buidling Exterior Wall Rock Wool Sandwich Panel With PU Edge Sealing

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