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Has the flexural capacity of the cleanroom panels you bought meet the standard?

Jan 15,2021 | Blog

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What is flexural capacity?

Flexural strength refers to the ability of a material to resist bending without breaking

Cleanroom wall panels bending resistance experimental:

Sample name: double gypsum rock wool cleanroom panel

Sample information: rock wool bulk density 100kg/㎥ galvanized keel 0.6mm(T) Baosteel panel 0.5mm(T)  Saint-Gobain plaster plate 9.5mm(T)

Model specification: 3700mm*1180mm*50mm*1 piece

Inspection conclusion: Refer to GB/T23932-2009 "Metallic Surface Insulation Sandwich Panel for Construction" and GB/T29468-2012 "Technical Guidelines for the Application of Sandwich Panels in Cleanroom and Related Controlled Environment Envelopes System".

When used in Cleanroom wall panels (L0/250), the flexural capacity is 1.0KN/㎡

The ultimate load is 4.57KN/㎡

Standard for flexural capacity of partition:

According to "GB/T 29468-2012", when the deflection of the metal-faced sandwich panel for partition is L0/250 (L0 is the distance between the supports), the deflection of sandwich panels should not be less than 0.5kN/㎡.

Experiments have proved that Wiskind cleanroom wall panels have greater flexural resistance than national standards, and can be adapted to clean rooms such as pharmaceuticals, electronics, and food. The product has excellent performance, can be customized, on-site splicing, convenient and fast installation, and has diversified core materials, including rock wool, PU, EPS, paper honeycomb, aluminum honeycomb, etc. The coating and material of the panel can be selected according to the use environment. Modular cleanroom wall panels can directly open holes and reserve PVC pipes to improve installation efficiency, and the panels can be flush with cleanroom doors and windows, therefore it's beautiful after installation.




Max Length


Wall Thickness


Steel Facer Thickness


Outer Plate Material

PPGI,Al-mg-Mn Alloy steel,SS Steel,Ti-Zn Steel,HPL,VCM



Core Material

PU, Rockwool, Magnesium board, Paper Honeycomb, Aluminium Honeycomb, Plaster, EPS, etc.

Frame Thickness



Pharmaceutical Cleanroom, Electronic Cleanroom, Food Cleanroom, etc.


1. Core material fire ratings can be viewed.

2. The cleanroom wall panel system is used with aluminum profiles, modular installation, convenient and fast, non-standard can be customized.

3. The factory accepts customization.

4.Diversified core material for different environments, fire protection, insulation, noise reduction, moisture resistance.

5. The factory offers 6 different steel to provide customers with more services.

6. The cleanroom wall panel, strength, flatness, and aesthetics of the cleanroom panel are greatly improved, and the product quality is more stable.

7. The hole reinforcement reservation and the line pipeline box are pre-assembled into the interior of the board in the factory, effectively reducing the secondary pollution during use, especially in the operating room.

Production Technology:

1.Self-developed No.1 Automatic production line for cleanroom wall partition systems.

2. The high-efficiency production line increases production capacity by 6 to 8 times.

3. Accurately measure and control metal plate forming, gluing, core filling, composite molding, and finished palletizing.

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