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Be the guardian of student catering safety

Jan 19,2021 | Blog

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In recent years, food safety issues have occurred frequently. An epidemic has made us feel the importance of food safety, especially the nutrition of students, and it has made countless parents full of worries. At present, students’ nutritional meals are uneven, the standards are not uniform, and the workshop design is backward. Looking at various conditions, it is difficult to meet the requirements of the new era for students’ nutritional meals.

In order to ensure risk-free of food safety, it is necessary to uniformly complete the procurement, storage, processing, packaging, sample retention, transportation, cleaning and disinfection of dishes in the central kitchen. Therefore, during the construction process, cleanroom wall panels need to have the advantages of corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance and easy cleaning.

Wiskind provides more than 20,000 square meters of stainless steel cleanroom panels for the Shizhicai Nutritional Catering Center, which fully meets the needs of food cleanroom wall panels. Shizhicai Nutritional Catering Center mainly serves the students of various campuses, employees of large,medium and small enterprises, providing professional nutrition, hygiene, and delicious food service, and providing consumers with healthier and nutritious fast food services.

Secondly, the key point in the construction of food workshops is waterproofing. Since processing utensils need to be cleaned and disinfected and cooking, etc., so they need to be washed frequently. Therefore, when installing cleanroom wall panels on the ground, they must be treated with waterproof floor groove. Wiskind has introduced a new stainless steel waterproof floor groove node to solve the waterproof problem. The new stainless steel  waterproof floor groove completely avoids the problem of corrosion and blistering of the panel surface due to washing, which affects the service life of the plant.

Wiskind starting from customer value, focusing on cleanroom enclosure system solutions, further exerting our own advantages, better serving customers, enhancing brand image, and making every effort to maintenance food safety and health.

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