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Jan 27,2021 | Blog

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BLOOMAGE BIOTECHNOLOGY is the world's leading high-tech enterprise with hyaluronic acid microbial fermentation production technology as its core. The scale of hyaluronic acid industrialization ranks among the top in the world. Relying on the two major technology platforms of microbial fermentation and cross-linking, the company develops bioactive materials that contribute to human life and health, and has established a business system for the entire industry chain from raw materials to medical end products, functional skin care products, and functional foods. Serviing for global pharmaceutical, cosmetics, food manufacturing companies, medical institutions and end users.

As the world's top hyaluronic acid manufacturer, BLOOMAGE BIOTECHNOLOGY adopts high standards intelligence to build the world's top modern R&D and production base, both in terms of volume and technology. The R&D and production laboratories all use Wiskind cleanroom panels of 15,000 square meters, more than 300 cleanroom color steel doorscleanroom windows, etc.

The core material of the cleanroom panel is rock wool. Under the premise of meeting the requirements of building thermal insulation, sound insulation and fire prevention, it has reached the goal of high quality, high efficiency, reliability and safety.

The construction workshop is a clean room for cosmetics. As the only one inn China to simultaneously produce sodium hyaluronate raw materials and pharmaceutical excipients by fermentation, It has realized commercial production and passed the US FDA on-site inspection four times. Still at the technical level, BLOOMAGE BIOTECHNOLOGY is the best in the industry.

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