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What are the advantages of FFU ceiling scystem?

Feb 04,2021 | Blog

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1. What is FFU?

FFU is the English abbreviation, its full name is Fan FiIter Units, which means "fan filter unit" in Chinese. To be precise, it is a modularized terminal air supply device with its own power and filtering function. FFU keel is a modular ceiling material (FFU aluminum alloy keel) specially provided for this modularized terminal air supply device, mainly the main material of cleanroom blind ceiling.

The joints are connected by joints, including cross joints, T-shaped joints and corner joints. The entire FFU keel system is reinforced with some threads to form a whole.

2.Unique advantages:

1.The FFU keel is designed according to the characteristics of the clean room. It has a processing tube and is easy to assemble and disassemble, which is convenient for daily maintenance after the clean room is built.

2.The modular design of the ceiling system has large plasticity, which can be factory-produced and cut on site, which greatly reduces construction pollution.

3.The combination of this product is flexible, and a double-layer ceiling structure can be selected, or a single-layer ceiling with only the lower FFU keel can be used.

4.The system has high strength and can walk on the FFU aluminum alloy ceiling keel. It is suitable for local laminar flow systems, FFU systems and air purification systems of different cleanliness levels, and is suitable for electronics, semiconductors, and pharmaceutical industries.

5.The composition of the FFU keel system is also very diverse. You can install the sprinkler at the cross joint, or install some wires for the smoke detector and the lighting lamp. The clean room teardrop lighting can be installed below, and the FFU ceiling can be used with FFU at the same time. Use with fan filter unit.

3. Wiskind Cleanroom Blind Panels Specifications:

Sheet specifications: 570mm*570mm, 1170mm*1170mm, 1170mm*570mm

Panel material: color steel panel

Blind panel thickness: ±13mm

Core material: aluminum honeycomb, gypsum

Applicable places: electronic workshop, semiconductor, pharmaceutical industry, etc.

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