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How to choose cleanroom panels?

Jul 21,2021 | Blog

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Due to the particularity of the industry, the production quality requirements of cleanroom panels are more strict than ordinary composite panels, and the price will be relatively higher, which determines its use scope has certain limitations and can not be fully popularized. For those professional, technical requirements of the higher project, although the ordinary composite board is cheap, but the quality can not meet the requirements. Therefore, we should choose the most appropriate products according to our own needs.

Cleanroom Panels

Difference between ordinary metal clad panel and cleanroom panel

1. Selection of standard color coating rolls

1) Cleanroom panel surface plate with color coated volume, smooth surface, no color difference and high requirements for the thickness of the paint film, often choose Baosteel equivalent grade products as the panel, and clean plate double-sided pure flat panel and requirements of asepsis, corrosion resistance.

2) General metal composite plate selection of color coated rolls, surface smoothness and color difference and other problems are not high, but the film thickness is relatively low. Civil color coated plate is often used as the panel, and the panel of the composite plate needs to be reinforced to increase the strength.


2. Core material standard

1) The core material selection of cleanroom panel is demanding, the board surface is flat, the placement is uniform and the core material flatness is high. Glass magnesium rock wool, gypsum, aluminum honeycomb, paper honeycomb and other core materials are commonly used for the core materials of cleanroom panel, whose strength and fire resistance are far higher than the national standards.

2) The core material of metal composite plate is often glass silk wool to achieve the effect of fire prevention and heat preservation, but the strength is far lower than high quality rock wool.


Difference between mechanic panel and hand-made cleanroom panel

Cleanroom panel is a composite panel made of color coated panel, stainless steel and other materials. Because of its unique dust-proof, anti-static, antibacterial and other effects, it is widely used in the field of indoor environment purification engineering, such as electronics, pharmaceutical, food, biology, aerospace, precision instrument manufacturing and scientific research. Clean is divided into mechanical cleanroom panel and hand-made cleanroom panel, so what is the difference between mechanical cleanroom panel and hand-made cleanroom panel?

1. Appearance: the flatness and product seam of the machine cleanroom panel are not as fine as the hand-made cleanroom panel.

2. Strength: the strength of the machined cleanroom panel is generally poor, especially the rock wool board. The edge is sealed around the hand-made cleanroom panel, and the core material has no exposure to increase the strength.

3 Fire Prevention: with the continuous improvement of fire control requirements, it is difficult to meet the engineering needs of the machine cleanroom panel, replaced by the corresponding fire resistance limit of hand-made cleanroom panel.

4. Machine cleanroom panel: 950 type plate, 1150 type plate; Hand-made cleanroom panel: 1180/980 Chinese character handmade board.

5. Hand-made cleanroom wall panel (Chinese character aluminum connection), roof (Chinese character ceiling) and mechanical cleanroom panel with socket connection.

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