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Wiskind & Baosteel Clean Room Special Color Coated Sheet — HygiSteel™

Jul 16,2021 | Blog

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After years of research, it was found that white ash was initially applied to the exterior wall enclosure system, but it was not satisfactory in terms of gloss and color difference. So is there a kind of panel that replaces white ash in the clean industry, and is more high-end and more aesthetic?

HygiSteel™ Cleanroom

Based on this idea, Wiskind and Baosteel jointly developed and launched HygiSteel™, a special color-coated sheet for clean spaces. The Nordic colorists customize the color to match the white glue color.

In terms of gloss, it is 42.9% lower than white ash, chromatic aberration control level is increased by 60%, and whiteness is increased by 4 units. At the same time, it has better performance than ordinary products in terms of flatness.


The research and development of Baosteel's color-coated HygiSteel™ has opened up a gap in special colors for clean rooms. Starting from the real experience and needs of users, it constantly explores diversified strategies for space empowerment, builds the relationship between color and humans, and realizes the value-added and value of space. The balance of multiple values.

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