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Vaccines ensure the safety of life, and we guarantee the production of vaccines

Jul 09,2021 | Blog

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The people have faith, the nation has hope, and the country has strength.

As of June 28, 31 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) and Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps have reported vaccinating 1206.714 million doses of Novel Coronavirus vaccine.

Since December 15, 2020, when China officially launched the vaccination of key populations, the vaccination speed of the new coronavirus vaccine in various regions has been increasing, and records have been set repeatedly.

This success is inseparable from the silent efforts of a group of respectable and lovely "invisible supermen", and more inseparable from the joint efforts of research institutions, industrial chain partners and countries, especially in a series of important processes, such as the research and development, testing, production and marketing of vaccines. Generally speaking, it takes 8 to 10 years for a vaccine product to be developed and marketed, while our new coronavirus vaccine has done 10 years' work in one year. China is accelerating toward the goal of building an immune barrier.

Cleanroom Panel

Chinese vaccines reflect China's advantages

From Ebola vaccines to COVID-19 vaccines, CanSino Biotech has never been absent in the face of major epidemics. In 2020, the COVID-19 epidemic broke out, and the first vaccine developed by Cancino Biotech entered clinical trials. Cancino vaccine is also the first new crown vaccine with glandular carrier in China.

To accelerate the production capacity of COVID-19 vaccine, in February 2021, Cansino Biotech, Shanghai Pharma and Shanghai Biopharmaceutical Fund established Shanghai Shangyao CanSino SPH Biologics Lnc. as a joint venture, mainly engaged in the research, development and production of vaccines. The production base is located in Baoshan, Shanghai.

Shanghai CanSino SPH Biologics Lnc. is fully promoting the production line construction, and will establish an independent, automatic control of the original solution and preparation production line within the year, by which time, the annual capacity of the new coronavirus vaccine will reach 200 million doses.

Shanghai CanSino SPH Biologics Cleanroom

Original aspiration is like a rock , Mission is on our shoulders

On February 24, 2021, we was informed that Cansino won the bid. As a renovation project, this workshop was highly concerned by the Shanghai Municipal Government and various departments, and the supply was required to start on March 15 and be completed in mid-April. This project adopted WISKIND double glass magnesium rock wool cleanroom panel, short supply cycle, large volume, heavy task.

Sales communicated the customer's needs to the company immediately.

On March 2, technicist, sales, customer service staff, purchasing staff and other delivery sides determined the delivery plan and determined the daily project progress.

This project is a renovation project, design and construction are carried out simultaneously. In order to deal with the changes of drawings, delay of delivery plan and influence of construction progress, the technical team of WISKIND went to Shanghai on March 3rd to carry out scheme design and size confirmation on the project site.

On March 4th, the site issued the size successively, determined the specifications of doors, Windows and plates, and started the production.

By mid-April, the supply of 31,600 square meters was completed.

For projects with tight schedule, heavy tasks and large volume, WISKIND can not only guarantee its production capacity, but also cooperate with the "Iron Triangle" model. In the process of project execution, the sales team understands the customer's needs and does a good job of internal and external leading work. The technical support department provides positive service to improve customer satisfaction. The contract performance department does a good job in project delivery. Each department is efficient in coordination, with clear division of labor, each performing its own duties, and delivering to customers on time.

Implement the most demanding requirements with high standards

In addition to strict requirements for cleanliness, biological clean room has strict requirements for the overall design of clean room, room layout and space utilization rate. If adopt the traditional return air column to carry on the return air treatment, it will be occupies big space and not beautiful. To solve these problems, WISKIND provided  100mm hollow air return unit module for the project, which completely replaced the air return column and 100mm thick hollow shrapnel wall in the dressing and shoe removal buffer room, greatly increasing the space utilization rate.

This project adopts large size cleanroom window, adopted integrated structure design, realize the perfect combination with cleanroom wall panel. Not only good airtight performance, simple installation, but beautiful appearance, become a bright spot of clean room space. Professional clean room production environment, temperature and humidity fully automatic control, triple seals, so as to ensure that there is no dead corner around the sealing performance. The National Construction Engineering Quality Supervision and Testing Center test, WISKIND cleanroom window under -60℃ did not appear frost, condensation.

Cleanroom Window

At the same time, in the selection of materials for the clean room enclosure system,  WISKIND always adhere to the promotion and research and development of green environmental protection building envelope material. While meeting customers' personalized customization requirements, It can also reduce environmental pollution and save resources to the greatest extent. WISKIND full response to the national "green, energy saving, efficient" building advocacy.

The outbreak of the epidemic has increased public attention to the field of biomedicine, especially vaccines, which are not only the most effective weapon in epidemic prevention and control, but also an effective way to improve the national public health level. WISKIND is committed to the vision of a community with a shared future for human health and stands ready to work with all parties to promote global vaccine production and research and development to protect the lives and health of people around the world.

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