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How to choose LED cleanroom ceiling light ?

Jun 27,2021 | Blog

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In recent years, medical, food, pharmaceutical, optics, microelectronics and other industries have ushered in a period of rapid development. Clean rooms and clean workshops are essential, but there is a gap between the quality and standards of construction, especially the choice of cleanroom light. In addition to the use of similar light sources and similar structures, cleanroom light and ordinary lamps also have many similar composition structures in terms of material composition, but the price is very different, making it difficult for customers who have not touched this aspect of products to make a choice.

Cleanroom Light

Ordinary lamp is a lighting fixture used in general places. In addition to the lighting and decorative effects of the product, there is only a difference in quality. In addition to the requirements on the brightness of the cleanroom light, the installation method and the surface treatment also have extremely high requirements. In addition to the lamp body itself needs to be anti-corrosion, dust-proof, and rust-free, the cleanroom lamp must also have the characteristics of easy cleaning and no dust accumulation on the surface.

Although the prices of some clean lighting manufacturers are cheap, they will find problems such as low light transmission, easy dust accumulation, and inconvenient installation and maintenance after use. Especially after a period of use, the illuminance decreases significantly and the light decay rate is fast , And even the situation of dead lights and broken lights. In the high-demand enclosed workshops such as clean rooms, the emergence of this kind of product will undoubtedly bring a lot of trouble.

The most important thing for an excellent clean lamp is the lamp bead and the driver, whether the lamp bead has enough wattage, whether it has a high PF value, long life and low light decay, whether the driver is qualified for use, and whether it can drive various unstable voltage production A series of invisible problems, such as the burning phenomenon, will harm the interests of customers.

Cleanroom Lamps

Wiskind cleanroom light adopts professional optical-grade light guide plate, with high light uniformity, and the whole light efficiency exceeds 100lm/w; the lamp is equipped with an anti-drop design to avoid instant impact or other accidents caused by the high-strength construction of the interlayer to cause the lamp to fall off; it adopts a unique sealing process, Conventional protection can reach IP54, which is suitable for use in various clean environments and is convenient for disinfection and cleaning; streamlined structure design, the installation surface is even and smooth, no sharp corners, no seams, no accumulation of dust, no dust, and no impact on the clean room layer.

Wiskind is an enterprise specializing in R&D, manufacturing, sales, consulting and services of clean room enclosure systems, medical doors and windows and related products. It has a leading edge in the engineering fields of electronic semiconductors, biopharmaceuticals, food and medical industries. Many companies such as CSPC, Qilu Pharmaceutical, Yili, Mengniu, Samsung, Foxconn, etc. have used the company's clean products.

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