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The large-scale production of the new crown vaccine faces a major bottleneck

Aug 13,2020 | Industry Information

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Since the outbreak of the new crown epidemic, the development of vaccines against the virus has been attracting attention. However, since May, many media have successively reported such a problem: In addition to the research and development of the vaccine itself, an inconspicuous accessory in vaccine production has become a major bottleneck restricting its mass production-glass medicine bottle.

This seemingly humble medicine bottle is actually quite knowledgeable. Medical injection bottles must be clean and hygienic, have good air-tightness, and must not chemically react with the internal medicine. In addition, some medicine bottles that are not up to the standard are likely to be mixed with foreign objects during the process of opening the medicine bottle by medical staff, which is likely to cause danger during the injection process.

Precisely because the production process of this kind of medicine bottle tests technology, famous institutions such as the Epidemic Prevention Innovation Alliance and the International Pharmaceutical Industry Federation have issued warnings: The current global production of glass medicine bottles may not meet the mass production of the new crown vaccine.

According to reports, to control this epidemic, the world needs to produce 14 billion doses of vaccine. This means that the demand for glass bottles containing vaccines will also be a very large number. Shandong Pharmaceutical Glass Co., Ltd., a leading manufacturer of glass vials, expressed its "confidence in producing products that meet market needs."

The construction of the medicinal glass production line adopts Wiskind double glass magnesium rock wool cleanroom panel, 16,000 square meters of standardized cleanroom panels, which are processed in the factory and quickly assembled on site to achieve the efficiency and accuracy of modular installation.

Wiskind cleanroom panel is not only beautiful in appearance but also excellent in fire resistance. The core material is rock wool with high water repellency and bulk density, which has better thermal insulation performance. Double glass magnesium rock wool has a fire rating of 1 hour. The unique cross arrangement of rock wool enhances compression resistance. The tensile strength is more than 50%. In addition, the double glass magnesium structure greatly improves the flatness of the cleanroom panel, and the galvanized keel is equipped around it to effectively block heat conduction and prevent the core material from reducing the strength and heat preservation performance due to moisture absorption.

As Wiskind has developed for more than 40 years, it has always insisted on product innovation in the field of building envelope systems and upholds the core value of "sincerity, goodness, harmony and symbiosis". Through years of unremitting efforts and persistent pursuit, it has won customers And the unanimous recognition of society.

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