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What materials are needed to build a new crown vaccine laboratory?

Aug 28,2020 | Blog

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The Director-General of the World Health Organization stated on August 24 that 172 countries and regions have expressed their participation in the WHO-led COVAX global new crown vaccine plan. The goal is to provide at least 2 billion safe and effective doses worldwide by the end of 2021. New crown vaccine.

After the new crown epidemic spread around the world, many countries around the world have begun to invest in vaccine development, and multiple technical routes are running in parallel to race against the virus. As one of the first countries to control the epidemic, China's vaccine research and development has always been among the top in the world. According to WHO 8 Yue 6 day data show, currently in development WHO officially registered in the register of 165 Zhong crown new vaccines, there are 139 Zhong it is in early development, 26 Zhong clinical testing phase. Six vaccines have entered Phase III clinical trials, of which three are from China.

The preparation of inactivated vaccines requires large-scale cultivation of live viruses, so it needs to be carried out in an environment with high biosafety, namely the P3 laboratory. The entire laboratory is completely sealed, and the room is under negative pressure, so that the gas inside the laboratory will not leak to the outside and cause pollution. The main rooms of the P3 and P4 level laboratories are also detailed in the building technical specifications, including the main laboratory, main laboratory buffer room, isolation corridor, protective clothing changing room, preparation room, shower area, etc. technical indicators. The ultra-high cleaning level, the constant range of temperature, humidity and pressure difference are all guarantees for experimental safety.

The laboratory is a necessary place for scientific research. The construction of a high-clean laboratory requires clean enclosure materials, and the laboratory cleanroom panel generally uses EPS cleanroom panel and rock wool cleanroom panel.

EPS Cleanroom Panel

Performance: Color steel plate not only has high mechanical strength and formed performance of steel material, but also has good decoration and corrosion resistance of coating material. EPS cleanroom panel is an organic material, which is extremely flammable and cannot meet the national fire protection requirements.

Uses: laboratories, general industrial plants, GMP industry plants, etc.

Advantages: heat preservation, heat insulation, light weight, convenient installation, lower price than other types of color steel plates.

Disadvantages: It is extremely flammable and cannot meet the national fire protection requirements.

Recommendation: Under normal circumstances, this type of color steel plate is not recommended for the main body of the laboratory as a partition wall, but according to its good flat load-bearing capacity, it can be used in a small amount for the ceiling of the sterile room.

Rock Wool Cleanroom Panel

Performance: Rock wool color steel plate is a new type of fireproof plate with the strongest fire resistance in the color steel plate series. It is made of natural rock and blast furnace iron slag that are melted into silk at high temperature and then solidified. Rock wool color steel plate composite clean plant with secondary fire protection requirements, is the most ideal decorative board for movable board houses and indoor laboratory walls .

Uses: general laboratories, clean laboratories, industrial plants, GMP industry plants, etc.

Advantages: heat preservation, heat insulation, sound insulation, light weight, convenient installation, fire resistance grade A , and the price is slightly higher than that of foam color steel plate.

Disadvantages: not easy to repair.

Recommendation: It is recommended that the main body of the chemical laboratory use rock wool cleanroom panel as the partition wall, which eliminates the need for wall decoration and shortens the construction time, which is beautiful and practical.

Today, cleanroom doors have become the main choice in the pharmaceutical industry. In all aspects, I believe that the performance of cleanroom doors is much better than other home doors. In Wiskind , customers who specify cleanroom doors will never use other types of doors. And because of its smooth, seamless structure, easy to clean and does not carry bacteria, it is liked by customers.

For cleanroom equipment, such as the pass box required in the laboratory, the pass box is an auxiliary equipment of the clean room, which is mainly used for small parts between the clean area and the clean area, and the non-clean area and the clean area. The delivery of items can reduce the number of openings of the clean room, minimize the pollution of the clean area, and ensure the cleanliness of the entire laboratory.

The goal of the COVAX plan is to provide at least 2 billion doses of vaccines to the world by the end of 2021. Many vaccines are currently in the final stages of clinical trials. " We all hope that there will be a variety of successful vaccine candidates that are both safe and effective . " If you are struggling to build a vaccine laboratory, Wiskind can help. We have professional technicians to provide customers with professional clean room enclosure solutions and implement comprehensive and integrated services. Including: demand analysis, scheme design, quotation, production order, delivery, construction guidance and daily maintenance and other services. There are 4 subsidiaries, 13 offices and more than 100 business and technical personnel all over the country to provide customers with timely, face-to-face services.

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