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Why should the electronics industry build the cleanroom workshop?

Sep 04,2020 | Blog

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In the electronic production workshop, as people enter and exit, many dust particles are often brought in. High-precision electronic components have particularly high requirements for the environment. The quality of the electronic components produced is often The suspended dust particles in the air have a lot to do with it, so electronic production workshops are often built as dust-free workshops to ensure the number of suspended particles in the air to ensure the high quality of electronic components. The negative ions in the clean workshop equipment purify the air The system can reduce the concentration of suspended particles in the air, making the electronics production environment cleaner.

As we all know, the Yantai Foxconn project,Apple’s largest manufacturer, is constructed by Wiskind cleanroom panels, using 40519 square meters of manual double glass magnesium rock wool cleanroom panels, cleanroom doors and cleanroom windows. Electronic factories, especially those in the microelectronics and optoelectronics industries, require large-area and high-cleanliness clean rooms for process production not only include building enclosures, structures, air, water, gas, solvents and other raw materials, but also There are various environments such as sound, light, electricity, magnetism and vibration.

The most important thing for the construction of a high-level clean room in an electronic factory is to make the clean room be able to meet the strict requirements of the production process on the production environment, so that it can produce high-quality electronic products with high efficiency and high yield. The most fundamental purpose of building a high-level clean room.

After more than 40 years of development, Wiskind Group has now become a professional clean room enclosure system service provider, an advocate and practitioner of modular clean rooms, and the largest intelligent manufacturer of cleanroom panels in China. It has the world's first automatic production line of cleanroom panels with independent intellectual property rights and the world's leading automatic production equipment for cleanroom doors and windows.

Serving many large-scale system engineering companies at home and abroad, and occupying a leading edge in the engineering fields of electronic semiconductors, biopharmaceuticals, food and medical industries.Many companies such as CSPC, Qilu Pharmaceutical, Yili, Mengniu, Samsung, Foxconn, etc. have used the company's cleanroom products. According to different industries and use environments, we can provide clean room enclosure system solutions and related Technical service support.

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