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Wiskind Cleanroom Industrial Aesthetics Begins

Nov 30,2022 | Blog

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People's pursuit of beauty never stops

I believe that most people can tell at a glance which picture below is the home decoration style 20 years ago, and which picture is the home decoration style in recent years! Comparing the home decoration in recent years and 20 years ago, apart from the design aesthetics, there have been obvious changes in the choice of building materials. For example, floor materials, the comparison between the mainstream solid wood floor 20 years ago and the stone floor in recent years has a clear imprint of the times. In addition, people's increasing spiritual (psychological) needs have also promoted the continuous change of home decoration design aesthetics.

Then can you also judge the two industrial clean room pictures below, which one is the recent interior style, and which one is the early one? It seems that it is difficult for us to judge in terms of materials, design, and space. Has the development of cleanroom industrial aesthetics stagnated?

Create an environment-friendly cleanroom

For a long time, in the construction process of the clean room, the choice of the enclosure structure is more functional than beautiful. White-gray is the most commonly used cleanroom panel color. This is because the color-coated panels used as raw materials are mostly white-gray in mass production and used as cleanroom panels, and the price is relatively economical.

White-gray originally originated in Japan as the color of prepainted panels for building facades, but now it has become the most common color of prepainted panels in China. We received feedback in the process of serving clean room customers: the aesthetics and environmental feeling of white-gray color-coated panels in the daily process are not good, and the environmental problems of clean rooms have not been paid attention to and resolved for a long time. The clean room has a lot of lighting, and the glare caused by high light is easy to cause visual fatigue.

Clean industry color-HygiSteel®

Wiskind Cleanroom Industrial Aesthetics Begins

HygiSteel® is the crystallization of the cooperation between Baosteel and Wiskind since the establishment of the joint laboratory. It is a color-coated panel that is more suitable for industrial clean spaces through the research of user experience data accumulated over the years in the clean industry.

Better performance

Nordic colorists customize the color matching, the whiteness of HygiSteel® increases by 4 units, and the level of color difference control increases by 60%, which perfectly solves the problem of visual color difference when using standard products that is common among white customers.

To reduce visual fatigue caused by glare in the clean room, HygiSteel® reduces gloss by 42.9%. The low-gloss surface has good diffuse reflection and more comfortable vision.

The cleanroom panel adopts the sandwich compound production process, which has strict requirements on the flatness of the color steel panel, and the flatness of HygiSteel® has increased by 66.7%.

HygiSteel® has achieved a breakthrough in color-coated panel technology, adding silver ions Ag+ and anti-viral factors to the coating, and the anti-viral activity rate is >99%.

Silver ions Ag+ can kill and inhibit bacteria and inhibit bacterial reproduction. The complexation of special antiviral factors with the amide bonds and sulfhydryl groups on the peptide bonds of viral proteins inactivates various proteins, and since the complexation is not selective, it can also kill bacteria while killing viruses.

Not only that, HygiSteel® is also excellent in particle control and high-frequency high-intensity disinfection.

The excellent performance of HygiSteel®, combined with clean room lines, lighting and other elements, has opened up the clean room industrial aesthetics for clean room interior design—environmentally friendly clean room solutions. HygiSteel® creates a warm working environment for the staff in the clean area. Data show that a "friendly" environment can greatly improve product productivity and yield. Let "beauty" add value to the clean space.

Wiskind focuses on creating an environment-friendly clean space

Wiskind is actively committed to the breakthrough of technology application, leading the application and development of clean room enclosure system with innovation.Wiskind, make the clean space beautiful forever!

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