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Wiskind constructs a high-end, friendly and sustainable manufacturing environment for Wufang Zhai

Nov 08,2022 | Blog

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Project: Zhejiang Wufangzhai Industrial Co., Ltd

Building area: 6090m2

Project address: Jiaxing City, Zhejiang Province

Products: Wiskind cleanroom panel, removable cleanroom panel, blind panel, cold storage panel, cleanroom door, cleanroom window

Area: 12000 ㎡

The metal wall design panel is magnesium oxysulfide cleanroom panel, and the light steel keel firewall adopts blind panel, PIR cold storage panel has excellent heat insulation performance, meeting the special needs of customers for low temperature environment.

The cleanroom door has a light green color, which brings vitality to people, relieves work pressure, echoes with the ground color, and builds an environment-friendly clean room.

In the design of the whole plant, in order to avoid the change of equipment and process in the later period, it is necessary to remove local walls due to the adjustment of the cleanroom layout. In addition, it is necessary to conduct local replacement and maintenance due to the damage of panels in the use process. With the recommendation of Wiskind, removable cleanroom panels are used to reduce the cost of panel replacement, eliminate color difference, and improve the beauty of the cleanroom.

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