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The popularity of prepared dishes promotes the new requirements for food cleanrooms

Oct 25,2022 | Blog

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     Prefabricated dishes refer to the finished or semi-finished products made of agricultural, livestock, poultry and aquatic products as raw materials, with various auxiliary materials, and through pre processing (such as cutting, stirring, pickling, rolling, molding and flavoring). Since the outbreak of the epidemic, eating at home has become the norm of life. For the kitchen "Xiaobai" and busy office workers, the time-saving and labor-saving prefabricated dishes have solved many "pain points" of home dining. Simply make the ingredients and condiments prepared by the merchants, and you can eat the same chef's dishes in the restaurant. Prefabricated dishes are more and more popular with consumers.

The industrialization of Chinese food has been accelerated, and the epidemic situation has accelerated the market of prefabricated dishes. With the popularity of prepared dishes, food safety issues of prepared dishes have also aroused concern. With the rapid expansion of the market, new requirements are put forward for the standardization and normalization of production and transportation links. Wiskind made in-depth research on the pain points and difficulties of the food industry in view of this hot spot, and made targeted optimization on the basis of the original food industry cleanroom enclosure system .

The hygiene specifications for the production of prefabricated dishes have strict standards for food safety. The workshops should follow the requirements of production process layout and functional areas. In order to meet various requirements such as regular cleaning and disinfection, the clean workshops also have higher standards for the construction of clean rooms

Do you often face the following problems

·Can't achieve waterproof effect, and bacteria grow on the bottom after long-term use?

·Oil stain is difficult to clean?

·Condensate on the roof?

·The wallpanel is not anti-collision?

In the face of the problems in the industry, we have made a series of solutions. For the waterproof problem, we have developed new stainless steel waterproof wall base products, which can also play a certain anti-collision measure. Clean and resistant oil stain is selected Endure® The board has excellent performance in the face of various clean and disinfection environments.

The scale of Hunan's prefabricated dishes industry has exceeded 30 billion yuan. Among them, Hunan Pengjifang has become a leader in the contribution of the prefabricated dishes industry. In the process of designing and constructing the enclosure structure scheme for the prefabricated dishes production workshop for Pengjifang, we fully considered the requirements of process layout and production process, and provided a clean and durable cleanroom panel Endure® that can meet the needs of high temperature and high humidity, high temperature and high oil, low temperature and high humidity, cleaning and disinfection, etc For the selection of cleanroom doorsand windows, the possible problems in the food production environment have also been fully considered. Endure ® is an innovative product of Wiskind and a special panel for clean rooms. It has excellent performance in various disinfection environments and has been widely recognized in the food industry.

We are committed to becoming a trustworthy enterprise in the field of clean room enclosure system, focusing on technological innovation and improving product service capabilities, and creating a safe, lasting, beautiful and friendly production environment for the food industry. Wiskind, making the clean space permanent and beautiful!

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