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Cleanroom panel packing standard

Jul 12,2023 | Blog

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1. Packaging material requirements



wooden bracket


gypsum panel



corrugated cardpanel


pad paper


corner guard


stretch film



1400mm*0.06mm sunscreen

PP packing belt


packaging deduction


2. Whole panel packing standard

(1) The allowable deviation between the two ends of the wooden bracket and the length of the product is 0~10mm.

(2) The wooden pallet is covered with gypsum panels. For the transportation site within 1000 kilometers, a piece of 12mm gypsum panel + 10mm foam (14 kg) is placed on the wooden frame. For products that are more than 1000 kilometers away from the construction site, the gypsum panel should be used 2 pieces of gypsum panels with a thickness of 9.5mm

(3) If we need to use the upper and lower wooden frames, we need to place a whole piece of plaster with a thickness of 9.5mm under the pillars of the upper wooden frame.The panel is adding 500*1180 wide two-layer plasterpanel.

3. Simple packaging standard

When performing simple packaging according to production scheduling requirements, use carton bedding for packaging, and the two ends of the panel are packaged in the way of flanging packaging, and the four sides of the panel are required to be protected by cartons.

4. Packing standard of corner

(1) Use cardpanel boxes to protect the bottom surface and the vertical surface. When stacking, put 10mm foam on the bottom surface, between the vertical surface and the vertical surface.

(2) The quantity of each package of corner is based on the customer service order. If you order a wooden frame with a large number of pieces, use the previous packaging method for a single order of about 3~5 pieces.

5. Packaging quality requirements

(1) Corner protection ensures that the outermost part of the panel is protected in place.

(2) Surrounding film covering: the upper and lower length of the film should exceed the edge of the panel by 5cm, and the ends in the height direction should overlap to ensure an 8cm-10cm bonding surface.

(3) The top film is directly covered with a film on its upper surface. It is required that the four edges of the film should exceed the edge of the panel by 8cm to 10cm (if the film width is not enough, it can be covered with a small width film).

(4) From May to September, a sunscreen transparent film should be added on the top layer to prevent the protective film from being heated and printing words on the panel.

6. Packing belt fixed

The distance between the packing belts at both ends is 40-45cm from the end. The contact between the packing belt and the edge of the panel must be protected by corner guards, and the packing belt and the product should be perpendicular to the product, and no more than 10mm of inclination is allowed. Use the packing buckle to pack and pack at least 2 A packing buckle is used to secure it. If the packing tape is found to be loose or broken before delivery, it needs to be repacked. Use a hot melt machine to pack to ensure that there are no broken seams in the packing tape.

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