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How to choose good cleanroom panels?

Feb 25,2021 | Blog

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Cleanroom panel is mainly used as a material for clean room decoration. The material has many excellent properties such as non-sticky, non-dust, acid and alkali resistant, easy to clean, anti-static and so on. Cleanroom panels have become the most important choice for cleanroom decoration, and are currently indispensable and important facilities in the semiconductor industry, biochemistry, medicine, and food industries. With the development of my country's economy, clean panels will be more and more used in industrial electronic factories, pharmaceutical factories, food processing workshops, medical operating rooms, intensive care units ICU, burn wards and other places.

Cleanroom panels mainly have the following requirements in interior decoration:

1.The surface of the walls and ceiling of the clean room should meet the requirements of being flat, smooth, free of dust, avoiding glare, and convenient for dust removal; concave and convex surfaces should be reduced, and the male and female corners should be rounded. Dry operation should be adopted for interior decoration. For plastering, advanced plastering standards should be adopted.

2.The building envelope and interior decoration of the clean room should be made of materials with good airtightness and small deformation due to changes in temperature and humidity. When the internal decoration of the wall requires additional structural framework and insulation, non-combustible or difficult-to-combustibles should be used. 3. Reliable sealing measures should be taken for the structure and construction gaps of cleanroom doors and windows, cleanroom wall panelscleanroom ceiling panels, ground (floor) surfaces.

3.The floor of the clean room should meet the requirements of flatness, wear resistance, easy dust removal and cleaning, not easy to accumulate static electricity, avoid glare, and have a sense of comfort.

4.The color of the cleanroom should be elegant and soft.

Different cleanrooms also need to consider different individual requirements when choosing cleanroom panels:

1.Cleanrooms usually need to be wiped frequently. In addition to wiping with water, they will also be wiped with disinfectant water, alcohol, other solvents, etc. These liquids usually have certain chemical properties, which will discolor and fall off the surface of some materials, which requires decoration The surface of the material has certain chemical resistance.

2.In order to sterilize the biological cleanroom such as the operating room, an O3 generator is usually installed. O3 (that is, ozone) is a strong oxidizing gas, which will accelerate the oxidation and corrosion of objects in the environment, especially metals, and will also cause the general coating surface to fade and change color due to oxidation. Therefore, this kind of clean room requires that its decorative materials have good oxidation resistance and will not produce rust.

Wiskind Cleanroom is a professional manufacturer of R&D, production and sales of clean panels. The cleanroom panels produced by the company have been widely promoted and applied in the field of clean rooms. The products are fireproof, waterproof, moisture-proof, chemical-resistant, corrosion-resistant, and rich in colors. It is the material of choice for cleanroom.

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