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What are the factors that affect the life of cleanroom panels?

May 16,2021 | Blog

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With the widespread application of clean rooms , more and more cleanroom panels appear in front of everyone. The service life of the cleanroom panel is getting more and more attention from everyone, so what aspects of the service life of the cleanroom panels are affected? As a global professional service provider of cleanroom enclosure systems, Wiskind will tell you several factors that affect the service life of cleanroom panels.

1. Cleanroom panels equipment and manufacturer

Regardless of the production of clean plate how high-quality raw materials, if the production of clean equipment board is not up to the old equipment, then the production of a clean sheet quality, but off, where we do not explain all the equipment, just to mention a clean plate Glue homogenization equipment, if the equipment in the clean board production process is old and not up to standard, the glue produced by the glue spray nozzle or the swing arm swinging back and forth during the glue homogenization process is not uniform. Uneven glue will cause uneven bonding when the clean board is formed, which will cause bulging after a period of use.

Wiskind cleanroom panel is the world's first automated production line, and its production efficiency is 6-8 times higher than other companies. The technological processes of sheet forming, gluing, core material filling, composite pressing and finished product palletizing are realized through precise measurement and intelligent control, which greatly improves the accuracy, strength, flatness and aesthetics of the cleanroom panel, and makes the product quality more stable.

2. Raw materials used in the production of cleanroom panels

The raw materials used in the production of clean boards are: steel plates, core materials, glue and some auxiliary materials. These raw materials are directly related to the service life of the cleanroom panels.

At present, the commonly used steel plate cooperative manufacturers of Wiskind include Baosteel, BlueScope and other high-end well-known companies, with high material stability, stable T-bending performance, tensile properties, and yield performance.

For the inspection of color-coated steel plates, we are equipped with more than 40 professional equipment. We are the first company to introduce the American Spectroscopy and Hue Analyzer, which can compare the color difference of steel plates. We can carry out all-round experiments such as acidity, neutrality and alkalinity. It can also simulate the actual environment of the factory for experiments. At the same time, it can also provide various solutions such as stainless steel, aluminum-magnesium-manganese, titanium-zinc plates, VCM plates, and HDPPGI plates according to different environments.

3. Use environment of cleanroom panels

Cleanroom panel is to determine the environment clean is another important factor in the life of the board, because the use of good or bad will directly affect the environment clean plate life, and thus indirectly affect the cleanroom life , reducing the clean room class, increase the use of energy, Increase operating costs. If the same clean board is used in a moist food production workshop in one batch, and the other batch is used in the office partition of the workshop, the different use environment will have a direct impact on the service life of the cleanroom panel.

4. The correct operation and installation

Only cleanroom panel using the correct method of operation, and the wall cleaning process for strong, good pre-measured demand required size to install. If you are building a clean room workshop and do not know how to install and design, we have a professional construction team and designers who can provide you with a full range of solutions. In addition, we also produce cleanroom doorscleanroom windows and other products.

5. Daily maintenance

In order to ensure that the cost-effective cleanroom panel can maintain a smooth surface and clean appearance for a long time, the cleanroom panel should be regularly dust-removed and coating protection measures.

These are the effects of clean several key factors plate life, prolong clean there are a lot of details need to understand and pay attention to the life of the plate, you can contact us and have professionals to introduce you to explain, in a clean plate can also purchase You recommend more suitable materials.

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