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What kinds of factors will affect the color steel plate?

Jul 24,2019 | Industry Information

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Everyone knows that the partition plate system in the Pharmaceutical clean room, the clean plate and the steel cleanroom door used in the cleanroom ceiling system will use the color steel plate material. The color steel plate is one of the steel structure materials, but which factors will be colored The influence of the steel plate is solved by Wiskind to prevent unnecessary damage and loss of raw materials during the construction process.

1、Color steel plate brand selection

Color steel plates are called color map rolls before they are formed. The quality and material of color steel coils produced by each factory (brand) are different. This is also the primary factor affecting the use time of color steel plates. The brand grades of color steel coils are divided into two categories, large steel mills and small steel mills. In domestic large steel mills, there are Baosteel, Masteel and YIEH PHUI (CHINA) BHP(Broken Hill Proprietary. The surface of the clean plate is composed of color steel plates. The life of the color steel plate determines the use time of the clean plate. Wiskind's selection of color steel plates is mainly based on large steel mills such as Baosteel and Masteel and YIEH PHUI (CHINA) , such as bending tests, hydrochloric acid experiments, to ensure the quality of modular cleanroom panels in the pharmaceutical factory and molding. Really want to achieve a life of more than 10 years, first of all, the color steel plate base layer coating must reach 80-100g or more.

2、Top coat of color steel plate

The types of topcoats are: ordinary PE polyester topcoat, PVDF fluorocarbon resin topcoat, HDP high weathering resin topcoat. For medical clean environment, the selected topcoat type needs to be VHP-resistant. Wiskind recommends PVDF topcoat. At the same time, Wiskind and DuPont jointly developed a high-end coated clean sheet with good weatherability, chemical resistance, wear resistance and safety and environmental protection, in line with the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) standard 21 CFR 175.210, Contact with food and pass the EU RoHS certification.

3、Installation method

In many projects, when the color steel plate is installed, workers accidentally scratch the top coat with sharp tools, or cut the color steel plate on site. The field cutting causes the construction process to be cumbersome, and the cutting process inevitably causes damage to the plate, reducing the construction efficiency and reducing the construction efficiency. The strength of the sheet should be; for example, for the clean panel, the iron burrs at the cutting hole are difficult to handle, the core of the cutting opening is exposed, and the flatness is reduced; and the other materials need to be treated here to affect the appearance. Reduce the clean room requirements of clean panels.

In order to solve industrial problems and improve construction efficiency, the construction process is truly modularized, standardized and serialized. Wiskind provides a construction without cutting holes, improving construction efficiency by more than 95%, avoiding damage to the board by on-site cutting, and fundamentally solving the problem of defective core material being called Wiskind Hollow cleanroom wall panel.

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