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Project Case : Jiangxi Coagent Electronic S&T Co., Ltd

Aug 03,2023 | Blog

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Founded in 1998, Coagent Group has developed into a world-leading auto parts technology company. One out of every three vehicles in the world is equipped with Coagent's products, solutions and advanced technologies. Jiangxi Coagent

Electronic S&T Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of Coagent Group. It mainly produces automotive cockpit electronic products, including vehicle-mounted smart terminals, vehicle-mounted interconnection terminals and other electronic products.

Coagent is the first automotive technology company in the world to have a net-zero emission target approved by the Science-Based Carbon Initiative (SBTi). Jiangxi Coagent Electronic S&T Co., Ltd project is Coagent Group's first carbon-neutral factory in China. Wiskind provides professional cleanroom enclosure system solutions for this project. Wiskind builds a long-lasting and beautiful cleanroom space for Coagent to realize "from green to green production, drawing a net-zero future".

Jiangxi Coagent Electronic S&T Co., Ltd

Project Address: Fengcheng, Jiangxi

Supply area: 24000㎡

Products: cleanroom panels , cleanroom steel doors , cleanroom windows

Wall Panel System & Ceiling Panel System

 The design of the production environment of clean workshops in the electronics industry should control particles and impurities that are harmful to product quality according to the requirements of the production process, and should also meet the parameters such as temperature, humidity, pressure difference, noise, vibration, electrostatic protection, and illumination. Wall panels and ceiling panels are made of Wiskind MGO rockwool cleanroom panels. The panel adopts Wiskind antistatic color-coated panel, which has a flat surface, strong bending resistance and superior structure. The super-long double crawlers ensure the flatness of the panel surface of the product, and the thickness consistency of the panel after lamination is high, thus avoiding the unevenness of the panel surface after installation.

Unique dust-proof, anti-static, anti-bacterial, sound-absorbing, sound-insulating, and fire-proof properties. The core material is Wiskind high-quality hydrophobic rock wool, which has excellent fire resistance. The scenarios are applied to production workshops, OB workshops, CMM workshops, laboratories, and IOS6 workshops (1,000-level/10,000-level workshops) to meet the construction needs of cleanroom workshops in the electronics industry.

Cleanroom Door

The cleanroom steel door adopts Wiskind's innovative product G1-MAX, which is durable and has a beautiful appearance. The super-large one-piece observation window increases the viewing area by 67%. The 3A-grade molecular sieve reacts with the air in the cleanroom window through the gaps on both sides to ensure the protection Fog performance.


Cleanroom Door Opening And Closing Test

Sturdy and durable, no deformation after being turned on 50W times. It can provide a variety of options for single-leaf doors, composite doors, and side-by-side doors to meet the various selection needs of users.

For the powder coating of cleanroom doors, we have established a strategic cooperation with AkzoNobel, one of the world's top 500 companies, to jointly develop green powder solutions for the spraying process of cleanroom steel doors and medical doors, and jointly empower the clean industry. This strategic cooperation is another milestone for Wiskind to implement the "double carbon" goal and promote the development of environmental protection products in the clean industry in a green, friendly and low-carbon direction.

Cleanroom Window

Cleanroom windows with high light transmittance ensure visual penetration. The glass burst rate is low, and the ultraviolet transmittance is low. Three seals, the arc position is smooth and excessive, so as to ensure that there are no dead angles around, and the sealing performance is good.

Wiskind Cleanroom has provided professional cleanroom enclosure solutions for Samsung, SK and many other industries. In the future, Wiskind will empower China's manufacturing industry through green and energy-saving new materials, and actively welcome the arrival of the "double carbon" era. While building a CLEANROOM, FOR BEAUTY AND ETERNITY, LEADIND GREEN INTELLIGENT FUTURE, continue to help enterprises achieve the goal of carbon peak and carbon neutrality as soon as possible.

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