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Wiskind attends the CHCC 2023 National Hospital Construction Congress

Jun 19,2023 | Marketing Campaign

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On June 17th, 2023, the CHCC 2023 National Hospital Construction Congress was held at the Chengdu West China International Expo City. This exhibition, themed "Building a Better Hospital Construction Ecosystem Together towards the Future", gathered more than 800 high-quality enterprises. The exhibition was divided into 15 major theme exhibition areas according to the full process innovation layout of hospital construction procurement. Wiskind appeared in the "Medical Cleanroom, Special Ward Engineering and Supporting Equipment Exhibition Area".

Wiskind has professional products and solutions for hospital clean areas and functional areas, and can meet various environmental requirements. We provide full support for medical cleanroom enclosure systems and showcased the core products of the medical clean enclosure system at the exhibition.

Hospital clean area

Special areas in hospitals such as ICUs and obstetric operating rooms have high requirements for cleanliness and sealing. Wiskind Technology's medical cleanroom enclosure system solutions not only meet the requirements of hospital clean areas but also achieve a green ecological environment.

HPL cleanroom panel: HPL clean panel has high hardness, strong fire resistance and waterproof performance, anti-corrosion ability, anti-bacterial spread, and easy to clean. The widespread use of HPL clean panels in hospitals can effectively improve the safety and hygiene level of hospitals.

Endure® cleanroom panel: Endure® cleanroom panel is the first special color-coated panel for the clean industry jointly launched by Wiskind clean Technology and Baosteel. It has achieved a breakthrough in color-coated panel technology and added silver ions Ag+ and anti-virus factors in the coating, with an anti-virus activity rate of over 99%.

Endure® cleanroom panel: Endure® is mainly suitable for use in B-level clean areas such as biological products, blood products, and vaccines using VHP disinfection, alcohol, and New-Jersey povidone-iodine wipe and other disinfection environments, and is a special panel for biological clean rooms.

Clean phenolic resin door: The surface material is made up of phenolic resin board, and the door frame is made by cutting and splicing high-strength aluminum alloy, which is free of dust accumulation.

Cleanroom steel door G1-max: The surface is smooth, effectively inhibiting bacteria. The door is lightweight and has high structural strength.

Silent magnetic clean door G1-silence: It adopts magnetic sealing strip to increase airtightness, reduce air leakage risk, and prevent corner warping. The door frame and door leaf actively adsorb and tightly fit together, which effectively blocks noise and other sounds.

Airtight sliding door: The door leaf surface is electrostatically powder-coated to prevent cross-infection. The door leaf and door frame are double-sealed, which fully meets the requirements of door use in sterile environments.

Hospital functional area

For hospital outpatient departments, departments, and administrative office areas, the functional areas are complex and intensive, and there are relatively high requirements for fresh air volume and humidity. Masterclean Technology provides solutions for the comfortable areas of hospitals with multifunctionality as the core.

Medical steel door: The unique R-shaped sealing groove is embedded in the door frame to enhance the sealing effect. The door is available in various wood grain and color electrostatic resin powder coating finishes, with a variety of windows and hardware accessories to choose from.

Cleanroom panel: The company provides and develops a series of solutions for material selection in the construction of medical cleanrooms. The cleanroom panel series solutions include rock wool cleanroom panel, magnesium oxide rock wool cleanroom panel, gypsum rock wool cleanroom panel, aluminum honeycomb cleanroom panel, and paper honeycomb cleanroom panel. These solutions better meet customers' personalized needs, with high strength, excellent fire resistance, easy installation, and a smooth appearance.

As a solution provider for medical clean enclosure systems, Wiskind clean Technology has reached strategic cooperation with authoritative brands in the industry such as AkzoNobelBaosteel, and Yehui. With "efficiency, environmental protection, intelligence, and safety" as the keywords, we jointly develop green products to support the construction of a green ecological environment for better hospitals.

Wiskind has accumulated rich experience in well-known hospitals and CDC projects in China and has always adhered to collaborative innovation with the industry, making unremitting efforts to build better hospitals.

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