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Wiskind attends the HOTELEX Shanghai Expo

May 31,2023 | Marketing Campaign

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The 2023 HOTELEX Shanghai International Hotel Supplies and Catering Expo (hereinafter referred to as "HOTELEX Shanghai Expo") was successfully held on May 29-31 at the Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center. Wiskind participated in the exhibition for the first time and had direct and in-depth communication with upstream and downstream industries.

As one of the three key events to be held during the "14th Five-Year Plan" period, the HOTELEX Shanghai Expo was guided by the Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism and co-hosted by the China Tourism Hotel Association and Shanghai Bohua International Exhibition Co., Ltd. The exhibition gathered more than 3,000 exhibitors and showcased tens of thousands of new products, with 12 exhibition categories that were newly upgraded. In addition, nearly 40 industry forums and nearly 20 professional events were carefully prepared. The integration of the exhibition and competition, with a broader vision and more innovative thinking, broke through cognitive boundaries and jointly created a more prosperous future.

In line with the theme of the exhibition organizing committee's "Characteristic Exhibition Area, Foreseeing the Future", the Zhonglian Central Kitchen Research Institute, in conjunction with over 40 catering equipment companies, cleanroom enclosure system companies such as Masterclean Technology and Leyang, jointly created the Central Kitchen Boutique Integrated Exhibition Area. This area aims to promote the development of central kitchens towards highly standardized and replicable product solutions, as well as fine and standardized management methods, to meet the needs of the chain development of catering enterprises.

Wiskind is the first company in the industry to establish a digital factory, and has joined forces with Siemens to create a digital benchmark for R&D and intelligent manufacturing bases. We have higher requirements for product quality, ensuring that every cleanroom panel, cleanroom door, and cleanroom window that enters the food production environment has stable and consistent quality, starting from the source of central kitchen construction to ensure food production safety at every step.

Wiskind provides customized, scientific, and green solutions for food enclosure systems, starting from customer needs, pain points, and difficulties in the industry. We specialize in developing innovative products such as Endure®,Endure®, stainless steel waterproof wall bases, and integrated corner panels, providing durable and beautiful interior purification products that are resistant to blood stains, oil stains, and corrosion for the complex working conditions in the food industry.

The rapid growth of the national economy and the acceleration of urban industrialization and modernization construction have provided a broad market space for the development of the catering industry. As a characteristic production and supply model in the catering industry chain, central kitchens involve multiple industrial links such as base construction, ingredient procurement, production and processing, and logistics transportation. Central kitchens have become an effective way for catering chain enterprises to improve their chain operation system and achieve the organic combination of logistics systematization and scale operation. They are a powerful guarantee for the stable development of catering chain enterprises. Wiskind uses technology to create clean workshops and empowers the high-quality development of central kitchens with high-quality products.

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