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Cleanroom Enclosure System

Apr 11,2023 | Blog

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The composition of the cleanroom enclosure system: cleanroom panels, cleanroom doors, cleanroom windows, floors, accessories, etc

1.Cleanroom enclosure system - cleanroom panel

Cleanroom Enclosure System

Wiskind cleanroom panel is made of special color-coated steel panel, stainless steel panel, aluminum-magnesium-manganese alloy panel and other materials as the panel, and rock wool, glass magnesium panel, aluminum honeycomb, etc. as the core material. The product has excellent performance and is suitable for various indoor environmental requirements. It is an ideal cleanroom enclosure material for harsh cleanroom engineering.

Beautiful appearance: smooth surface and fine structure, creating a beautiful and comfortable working environment for customers

Factory prefabricated: standardized production, modular construction, improving construction efficiency and reducing human influence.

Customization: The system is well designed and flexible in application, which can meet the professional needs of different industries.

2. Cleanroom enclosure system - cleanroom door

Cleanroom Enclosure System

The cleanroom door is divided into four product series according to the material: steel door, stainless steel door, color steel door, HPL door. The core material generally adopts high-quality flame-retardant paper honeycomb or aluminum honeycomb to ensure the strength and flatness of the cleanroom door.

Hinge: resistant to acid and alkali disinfection, long-term high-frequency use, the door leaf does not sag, and is convenient for on-site installation and debugging.

Locks: The life of the whole lock can reach 200,000 times, and the overall appearance parts have passed the 96-hour neutral salt spray test.

Window on the door: double-layer tempered glass, three-layer sealing, patent keel setting, built-in 3A grade molecular sieve, to prevent internal fogging.

Door sealing: The three sides of the door body adopt German production technology, and the imported polyurethane glue is foamed on site, with excellent sealing performance.

3. Cleanroom enclosure system - cleanroom window

Cleanroom Enclosure System

Cleanroom windows come in a variety of forms, with single and double glazing, and shapes with right and rounded corners. Wiskind cleanroom windows integrated structure design, perfectly combined with cleanroom wall panels, not only has good airtight performance, easy installation, but also beautiful appearance, becoming the highlight of cleanroom space.

4. Cleanroom enclosure system - ground

Cleanroom Enclosure System

According to different customer needs, we can provide floor materials of different materials such as epoxy self-leveling, PVC coiled material and epoxy colored sand floor. And it can provide special ground materials with antistatic surface, and at the same time, different colors can be designed to distinguish different cleanliness levels of the ground in one project.

5. Cleanroom enclosure system-accessories

Material - aluminum alloy extrusion profile and aluminum alloy die casting.

Surface treatment - Exposed aluminum alloy profiles are anodized surface treatment.

Material thickness - the thickness of most aluminum alloy profiles is 0.8-1.2m, of which the Chinese hanging beam is 1.5mm, and the T-shaped beam is2.2mm, high strength, precise size and easy installation.

Arc radius - the arc material is made of PVC and aluminum alloy, or used in combination, meeting GMP requirements and easy to clean

Sealant - Dow Corning White Silicone is used to seal gaps between panels and various gaps between panels and fillets. Black Dow Corning silicone is used to seal the gap between the panel and the window

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